Why I’m Rocking Motherhood


Here’s my list of 10 reasons why I Rock Motherhood:

  • Their needs come first. At 2am when I want to sleep, they come first. At 1pm when I desperately want to eat lunch, their needs come first. On the day they spend with their father and want to come home even though I have plans to go out that I have been looking forward to for months, their needs come first.
  • I get my hands dirty and get into traditional boy stuff. Before I had my boys I was such a girl, my favourite colour was pink, I had perfectly manicured nails and dirt never touched my hands. Now I pretty much do anything they want to, kick the football, yeah no problems, pick this worm up for me Mum, sure no problems. Play this race car game with me on the Xbox Mum, sure I love playing games. Except Minecraft – I don’t understand Minecraft.
  • I teach them how to do stuff around the house so that they will one day become helpful husbands. This is how we do laundry, this is how the dishwasher works, want to learn to cook, here come and make dinner.
  • I’m a real Mum who fails. Sure my personal Facebook page is full of smiley photos of happy kids and a sometimes frazzled Mum but it’s also full of stories of not so great moments, piles of laundry, mess in the background of the photos, a quirky 6 year old who swears like a trooper and a toddler who could really have his own blog the trouble he gets into (my house still smells like a day spa after he tipped over $100 worth of Dermalogica into the bath). My friends know that behind the smiley photos there’s complete chaos and that’s what makes us an awesome little family.
  • I have mastered the art of doing everything with one hand. The other day I even managed to put the toilet training toddler on the toilet whilst breastfeeding the baby #rocking!!!!!
  • I let them make mess. Well, I don’t really let them, I have actually lost complete control of the household so they make more mess that I’m able to clean up but I’ve learned to stop fussing and live with it.
  • I’m the cool Mum. I don’t think my 10 year old agrees but his friends do, they always come for a chat in the playground and tell me I’m cool.
  • I cheer and support from the sidelines. In my previous life as a submissive housewife I would sit quietly on the sidelines. Now, forget that, if my kid does something good I will make sure he hears me.
  • I try to create fun crazy outings for them which always fail. I’m the female version of Clark W Griswold.
  • I’m doing it on my own. I am a single Mum to four kids, four boys, all at different stages of life. I have a baby, a toddler, a 6 year old and a tween. The simple fact that I’m still sane is why I’m Rocking Motherhood.


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