What’s on my shopping list this Christmas – part 1

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Christmas is coming quickly and I’ve already started my shopping. In part 1 of What’s on my shopping list this Christmas I am focusing on my boys.  With 4 kids you end up with a lot of toys and by the time you get to number 4 you know what does and doesn’t get played with. This year I’m going for quality over quantity but still within a very limited budget.


I am a huge fan of this brand and over the years each of my boys have owned various products, these are some of my favourites:

My Pal Scout.  We’ve had this in our family for a few years now and I love that you can download your child’s name onto Scout. He sings, he talks and while he’s hooked up to your computer (via USB) you can select which songs he plays, your child’s favourite colours, animals and food and Scout will make up a song about them.  Plus you can also set it so it plays a lullaby at bed time for 10 minutes.


Another favourite in our home, this has been passed on from child to child (also showing the durability of LeapFrog products!) when the big boys are on the computer or tablet, the little ones use this!


I’ve never personally bought one of these.  I went for a different brand of tablet for the older boys.  I regretted that I didn’t just bite the bullet and pay a little extra for one of these.  Everything is safe, there’s no chance your child is going to go anywhere inappropriate  or end up spending hundreds of dollars on your credit card buying apps and add ons.  I haven’t yet bought tablets for the younger boys but when I do I’ll definitely be getting a LeapFrog LeapPad and the price on this now is comparable if not cheaper than a traditional Android based tablet.

Cars 3 – Lightening McQueen

A current favourite amongst my boys! We’ve seen many YouTube clips of toys not available in Australian stores that the boys are interested in, luckily I’ve found many here on Amazon!

We have one of these from the original movie.  It’s getting a bit old now, time for an upgrade!


We have the mud track from Cars 3 and it gets quiet a work out!!!  This one would make their day.  A great price as well.


We’ve seen this on YouTube.  My 3 year old then took all of his Cars cars in the bath and was disappointed that none of them changed colours!  This is going to be a definite this year.  Colour change cars can also be purchased separately.

Remote controlled devices

Always a favourite and we’ve had them all over the years.  Cars, trucks, helicopters (tip: save these for older kids as they’re difficult to fly), I’ve had expensive ones, cheap ones and those middle of the road.  If you’re stuck for a gift idea you can’t go wrong with a remote controlled devices.  This year I’m looking at the helicopter drones, I have a feeling they’ll also be difficult to fly posing a challenge for my 11 year old son.


A definite on my shopping list this year.  Looking forward to seeing how difficult this is to fly.


Another one we’ve not tried before but something I’d like to.  A must for those with a pool or lakes nearby!


We have one of these and I can highly recommend them for hours of fun! Big kids, little kids and parents will love it!

Musical Instruments

My kids are big on musical instruments at the moment.  Not sure if it’s a fad or they have a genuine interest.  My theory is start with something at the lower end of the market and then if they stick at it for 6 months we’ll look at something a little more professional.


This is a great little starter package for those wanting to learn the guitar.


Another item that’s pretty much a definite, this time for my 7 year old son.  I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with on this – AND we’ve all grown up with Casio!!!!

Stocking stuffers

Usually in my home stocking stuffers are matchbox cars, trains, lollies and drink bottles etc but I know my boys would find some of these hilarious!

[amazon_link asins=’B005K0B8WO,B00000IZKX,B00WJLN352,B073X8X828,1945006552,B001MKG5SI’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’test’ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’70e5ebc1-ce6e-11e7-bb37-f32f41a2dc6a’]


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