What is Worth Standing Up For?

What’s worth standing up for?  That simple question almost immediately invokes a subliminal attack or internal questioning of our own morals. 

The Question

This question was actually asked in my house this past weekend.  Shockingly not in relation to my husband’s  or my morals but rather in a discussion about NBC’s Emerald City following the season finale on Friday evening.  No plug, we just love the show. 
Funny how something seemingly as mundane and irrelevant as a TV show can somehow touch something deep inside of us and ask us questions we never thought were there.  
During a deep discussion of the main character, Dorothy’s, next moves and where the plot might take us next season.  Bear in mind the ending left way more questions and so many storyline options open. We really have no clue where it might end up.
 I said “Sometimes we have to fall to our knees to see what’s worth standing up for.”   My husband paused folding clothes and said “Damn Honey, that’s deep.”  My reply was something along the lines of No that’s the stuff constantly through my head….chuckle, chuckle.

The Answer

But that got me thinking.  What is worth standing up for?
Now after a few days of reflection I think I know my answer.
  My answer was the idea behind the creation of Our Traveled Road.  I had woken up that fateful day and unknowingly asked that question of myself. 
My answer was –EVERYTHING.  My family, my freedom, my future, my journey and most importantly my right to choose that journey. 

Just being Ok

 I sometimes feel when we become overwhelmed with life or a situation, as a defense mechanism and out of desperation we turn off that particular trigger from our radar.  That way we can feel better.  Even though it’s only a short term solution because chances are while it was off your radar, it was getting worse.
I think that’s what I had done. I had been telling myself “It can’t get any worse”, “The way it is isn’t so bad”.   I was pleading “just be OK and it will get better”. 

More than just OK

So not surprisingly, it hadn’t gotten any better by ignoring it.
  So from my knees that morning, begging the universe for a nothing more than a status check of Ok.   I decided I was the one that needed to stand up. 
First one foot, then my hands on my knee to push myself up.  Just like I had taught my kids when they began roller skating so many years ago.  Amazingly the first foot was the hardest step, after the decision to stand up was made the rest just fell into place. 
For so many years  didn’t realize I had just been OK, but not really, it was more like pretending to be OK.    
And in all those years I had given up my destiny to just be Ok.  But not anymore. I need a purpose, to somehow make the world a better place.  And that will never happen if we are happy and content just being OK. 

What’s your Answer?

Maybe the answer to where your destiny lies is to simply ask yourself “What’s worth standing up for”.  Let that question marinate in your head for a while, see what you come up with.  You might just surprise yourself. 

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  • With society the way it is today a lot of people need to really ponder that question, what is worth standing up for? All the hate and finger pointing and people protesting reveals that a lot of people are lacking morals and seem to have no direction in life.
    Visiting from Blogging with Heart this morning, God bless, have a great day!

  • “What’s worth standing up for?”

    I’m struggling to answer the question, but I think the reason is that I don’t look for enemies to stand up against. I just live. I’ve always been pretty comfortable following my own path despite what others think. That includes trying to make other people’s lives better.

  • For me, everything that is worth standing up for. Well, for me it’s all about belief and principles in life. You should not be dictated by someone else.

  • I thought at first that what you meant with “standing up for” is when you stand up against an enemy, or when you are advocating for something. Then further on the post I realized what you mean is when everything is bleak, what’s the reason for you to go on with life. At least this is what I got from reading this. To answer your question, I stand up for myself. I do it for no one but myself. It’s not that I am selfish, it’s just the way it is. If I cannot stand up for myself then I cannot be expected to stand up for anything else. At least that’s the way I look at it.

  • Totally agree with you. For me, truth and honesty is always worth standing for. True values, true and honest motives, true and honest human beings. It irritates me when someone does the opposite. But it is so frequent that sometimes I feel I am wired the wrong way

  • For me clinging to my philosophy and staying on a road that is good for me and my family without sacrificing our self respect is worth standing for!

  • What a truly self-reflective question. At first it seems like there is an answer but the more I think about it the more I realize that a lot of the misunderstandings in the world are because of people standing up for what they believe is right. For me, I stand up for love, love of people, nature, and the universe around us.

  • What’s worth standing for, for me is the one that’s going to make me happy. And I agree with you. Some things just suddenly come across that make us question at a certain point in our life, what’s standing for? No matter what the answer is, it sure is worth it .. Cheers

  • This is an interesting question and something I have honestly not thought about, not recently at least.

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