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Last night a friend and I were watching a movie. In the past, whenever this friend and I get together they sit by and watch me constantly text, email and blog with either my web designer, other bloggers or with my own mind. Tomorrow (today) I was going to have the day off, no blogging, no social media so I had a few things to catch up on before I could completely turn off and zone out.  I had one eye on the movie, one on my phone/laptop and my ears on my friend. I’m a woman, I can multi task 🙂

This morning I woke up to my phone constantly buzzing. Hmmm, never a good sign, something must be going on. I looked at my phone to see a bunch of emails, something from Divorcedmoms.com about stars??? I put my phone down and tried to go back to sleep. Unable to sleep I did the Facebook scroll and found that a blog post I wrote and submitted to them just to keep my account active had been featured on their page and people were reading and responding.

Immediately there were so many things to do, lose ends to tidy up, comments and messages to reply to, profiles to update and there went half my day off.  Not that the kids cared, it meant the older 2 got to spend the morning playing Xbox and the younger 2 played under my feet while I worked. Plus they could see there Mum was happy, in between work, we were laughing and joking and living.

Tonight as I write this, the post is the second most popular article on the Divorced Moms site. It has been viewed close to 5000 times.

Mind. Blown.

I’m just a single mum from a smallish town in Southern Australia writing to try and make sense of my crazy life. And now something I wrote, something that began life as a text message to a friend has now been viewed 5000 times.

How does that happen?

Even though I am now writing as more than a hobby, I’ve found myself in the past few weeks lost for words.

I struggle with the idea that people not only read what I write, they relate.  I can’t stop reading some of the comments that are appearing on the Divorced Moms Facebook page.

My own Facebook page and website are starting to take off.  I remember on New Years Day celebrating because my Facebook page had 70 likes, tonight there are over 700! Then there’s the 300 Twitter followers and close to 200 Instagram followers.

I have close to 15 bloggers putting together articles for Guest Posts (for any bloggers reading this who are also interested, please contact me!)

Tonight, I’m sitting here, thinking about this crazy day and I’m almost scared to admit this but I think I might actually be feeling happiness.  Happiness that so many people have taken comfort and connected with my words, happiness that 5000 people today alone have read my post and happiness that I have some wonderful family and friends behind me in this wonderful adventure.

To everyone reading this, thank you, from the very bottom of my heart.  I don’t really know what else to say so I think I’ll leave it at that before I get too emotional and over the top.


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