The White Wondersuit

Oh how I love a freshly bathed baby in a Bonds Wondersuit.

White Wondersuits were the first outfit each of my babies were dressed in after they were born. Their little hands snugly tucked away in the mittens.  Their little baby feet safe and warm.

They’ve always been a staple in the wardrobes of my babies.  I don’t know about you but there’s something I love about the simplicity of a Wondersuit.  It’s one of those outfits that can be worn by a younger baby at any time of the day.  Of course now Bonds are doing big business with their patterned zippy Wondersuits which I also love and have boxes full of them but when picking up baby clothes I always still went for the staple terry towelling Wondersuit.

I know my days with Wondersuits are nearly over, trying to button up all those buttons with a wriggly newborn or an even wrigglier 18 month old is not something I will miss.  But the smell of my freshly bathed baby, cosy in his suit is something I will.

So, with the weather changing to a much cooler night time temperature, tonight after I bathed B4 I flicked through his selection of PJ’s and came across it – one white Wondersuit in his current size.  I couldn’t help myself.

On went the Wondersuit, he didn’t protest.

I brushed his damp hair, he sat nicely and smiled from ear to ear.

I picked him up from the change table and gave him a cuddle, he cuddled me back, almost like he knew how much this moment meant to me.

I closed my eyes and smelled him just trying to savour this last moment.

The moment of my last baby in his last Wondersuit.

And now I sit in bed, watching him sleep, so peaceful.  My boy and his Wondersuit.

Farewell Wondersuit x

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