The Magic of New Beginnings

Trust the magic of new beginnings!

About a year ago I was travelling home from somewhere and stopped at a tiny petrol station.  I had all of the kids with me and as we were waiting  for our turn to fill up I remember saying to the boys “I’d love to live in this area one day, it’s beautiful here.”

One day is here.  We move into that suburb, that exact area very soon.

Packing up this home which became a safe haven for me post divorce was an easy decision in the end. Initially I never imagined moving.  But as I recovered from the divorce and tried to make my house a home the feeling just wasn’t there. This house has so many mixed emotions attached to it.  I was numb when I moved in here but then also experienced the joy of early labour and returning home with a newborn baby.  This house is where my 4th son took his first steps and usually I’m very sentimental about this kind of stuff. But this time I’m not.  I’ve had a sense for a long time that this wasn’t where I belonged.

In the past 8 or 9 months in particular, I have been feeling restless.  I have been feeling like everything I was doing was for everyone else, very little was mine or for me.  I thought that’s just the way it is, you know, kids come first.  Their stability is all that matters so I felt tied to a school I couldn’t afford long term, tied to this area I lived in because their father lives near by so there was nothing I could do.

Then through our children I met another single Mum, who was in a similar position but rather than staying in that position she said “bugger it” and had the courage to take the big steps that I wanted to.

She gave me the courage to not want to stay here anymore and to start doing things that pleased me and not everyone else.  There are some painful memories attached to certain areas I drive past every day and it’s hard to completely forget and move forward with constant reminders. I want to have new happy memories, I want a place that is just mine and my kids. Somewhere new to explore and I absolutely cannot wait.

I am ready to move on but I am going to miss my not so little country town I’ve called home for 2 and a bit years. So, I thought I’d take a moment to shine the spotlight on my beautiful little town.

Gawler, South Australia.

We are the gateway to the Barossa Valley – the best wine region in the world, in my opinion! Don’t go to the Barossa on the highway, come through Gawler …… but not if you’re in a hurry, I’m not really sure where the problem lies but traffic management is shocking. Maybe it’s because we are all so laid back we just don’t care that it takes 30 minutes to drive the main street, 10 minutes to walk it.

Image courtesy of Hello, Gawler Facebook page (click image to go through to their page)

If the Main North Road/Dalkeith Road intersection doesn’t get you on the way in, get ready to pull some precision driving stunts at the Gawler Green intersection.  Only in Gawler will you find 2 major supermarkets, the largest hardware store, a school and the entrance to the race track all serviced by an intersection where even the most patient of drivers will lose their sh!t. The key to this intersection, don’t turn right, I repeat DO NOT TURN RIGHT!

And speaking of the racetrack.  Nothing lights up my kids faces like driving past at the exact moment a horse race is about to begin.  The best free entertainment in town and 5 minutes for frazzled parents to wolf down their Cibo coffee (or Maccas coffee, if you’re like me and shudder at the thought of taking 4 kids into Cibo) while the kids take in the excitement.

The capital city of South Australia, Adelaide has the brewery lights at Christmas time and Gawler has the …… well I’m not sure what you call them, I think it’s officially the Gawler Christmas Riverbank Display and my kids were pretty impressed.  Oh and while you’re at Apex Park look out for the rouge possums that will steal your food and scare the city folk.

Also stop for a picnic and walk along Deadman’s Pass, it’s a beautiful little spot even if the name doesn’t suggest it.

But, nothing soothes my soul more than the drive along the Gawler-One Tree Hill road, it is the most beautiful drive at any time of the year. This is what I will miss most.

Until we meet again Gawler, thank you for giving me a place to rest my soul and heal my heart.

Now, it’s time to trust the magic of new beginnings x

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