The day a dream came true

Sunday 30 July 2017 began just like any other day with a 5.30am wake up call.

Plans for today:

  1. a trip to IKEA to look at some wardrobe inserts
  2. Lunch with a friend for her birthday
  3. Home to relax

And it all went to plan, we had a great trip to IKEA and an awesome lunch.

As I was packing up the car, my friend said to me “I hope you are proud of yourself for everything you’ve been through and achieved, I’m really proud of you”.  I kind of brushed it off.  Sometimes I feel like I’ve taken too long to get to this happy and that everyone else has seemed to handled divorce so much better than me.

When I first started blogging, my main goal was to connect with people.  It’s not to badmouth anyone or air dirty laundry.  It’s to show others in similar positions that they can get through it and that there is life and happiness on the other side.

I had a dream that people would connect with my writing and at the time laughed with a friend who was setting up the blog for me that one day I’d have a post on Mamamia. It was kind of a dream of mine, to reach a huge audience and have people relate to what I have written.

And today that happened.

A post I wrote exclusively for earlier this year was picked up by Mamamia.

With the reality of life of a single Mum with 4 kids, this is how the moment went down:

I sat down to feed the baby with my phone in one hand.  Feeding sessions are when I get some work done.  Yes I relish and treasure feeding but I also use the time to get some things done, reply to some emails, make notes etc. I did the usual Facebook scroll, saw a post from Mamamia about a woman whose husband left her while she was pregnant.  Thinking “oh I totally relate to that” I clicked on the link and OMG it was my article.  I screamed, scared the baby so he cried, I cried, the other boys were looking at me wondering what was going on.  I called my friend who helped me set up the blog, I screamed something about being on Mamamia, he screamed and cried, I was projectile vomited on by the baby and was knee deep in kids and life with kids who had no idea of the huge moment their Mumma had just experienced.

The kids are now in bed and I’m sitting here in shock.  I keep looking at the post.  I can’t believe it’s my work and it’s there on Mamamia.


So, to the new followers and readers from Mamamia and – welcome, new friends!  Things sometimes get a little crazy around here but stick with me.  Have a look at some of my older posts and the history of me and my rowdy little boys.

See the craziness of my life by following me on Instagram and get to know other bloggers by following me on Twitter where I share some amazing work that I come across.  I have a Pinterest account, it’s not great but follow me anyway as I’ll be working on this one soon 😉

Facebook is where it’s all happening tonight, come and follow me on there.  And to those who have sent messages, thank you – I haven’t had a chance to read them all yet but I will respond to each and every one.

If you are a blogger or have a story to tell – contact me as I love hosting guest bloggers on my site.  Even if you just want to chat, reach out to me.  I love hearing from my readers.

I’m also starting a new business helping bloggers grow their blogs based on what I have done here on That Noise Is Mine.

To all my regulars and those that have been there from the early days – thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I look forward to this getting even bigger and better. If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me, I want to enjoy this 🙂


Kirsty x

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