Thanks for the memories, Geoffrey

By the time Toys R Us opened in Adelaide, South Australia, I had grown out of toys but walking into that store for the first time was something magical, like their slogan always said “don’t ever grow up” and walking into the store made me feel like an excited kid.  I always had the same feeling each time I walked in there – I wanted to be a Toys R Us kid!!

Geoffrey the Giraffe was everywhere and so was the memorable blue colour.

This photo of Geoffrey leaving “home” was posted by Facebook user Rene Johnpiere and has been shared over 350k times (click on the image to see the post and comments!)

Over the years, prior to kids, I would occasionally call into the store during my lunch break, just to look around and become a child again for 20 minutes, it was a great escape.  I especially loved the little plastic kitchen set ups.  Oh, how I would’ve loved one of those!! It would be so organised 🙂

When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember browsing through Babies r Us for everything I needed.  Many baby items were purchased and much money was spent at Geoffrey’s store.  In fact, I actually have a Geoffrey somewhere.

Once I had kids, I soon discovered that taking kids to such a big toy store was not as magical as I first thought but I still shopped there on my own from time to time and on the rare occasion I took the kids with me they loved it. Even though it was a very stressful trip it was nice to see the magic on their own faces because I know exactly how they were feeling.  I often shopped on their online store.  It was almost like “I want to get this but can’t find it – oh, I’ll try Toys R Us” and sure enough it would be there.

Toys R Us weren’t cheap and I think maybe that was their downfall, others can supply similar at a much cheaper price but I often shopped there for unique gifts for my children and their friends. It’s hard to think where I’ll actually go now to find little unique presents for birthday parties and Christmas, a department store or online I guess.  That’s the things with shops, there’s always somewhere else.

This morning I woke up and read a news article about Toys R Us closing in a matter of days so I decided we’d visit Geoffrey and Toys R Us one last time. There was virtually nothing left in the store.

As I walked around the empty store, remembering all the times I’d walked around there previously saying “No” to the hundreds of requests of “Mum, can I have…..” we came across a shelf with one plastic kitchen – 50% off. One final purchase from Geoffrey, the one thing I had always wanted every time I had walked into the store and something my boys and I will have so much fun playing in (if they can just keep it organised!)

Thanks for the memories, Geoffrey 🙂

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