Terrible Two’s – the 4th time around

I write this on the eve of my 4th sons 2nd birthday.  I take a deep breath – here we go, terrible two’s for the 4th time around.

To the first time parent going through the terrible two’s, trust me, it does get much easier the more you go through this phase.  It’s not that the tantrums and the indestructible willpower of the toddler, who used to be a quiet little angel, gets better but you as a parent get better in handling it.

The other day, B4 was eating sand.  Me, as a first time Mum would’ve scooped B1 up and called the health hotline to see what I needed to do.  Me as a 4th time parent, prepared myself for sand overload at the next nappy change. Exfoliation on the inside is a good thing, right???  Well none of his organs came out and his poop was normal, albeit sandy, so I’m calling it a win.

Child 1 throws a tantrum and I’m googling behavioural experts, I mean I must be doing something wrong or maybe there’s something wrong with my child – oh my god I must get him seen to straight away.  Child 4 throws a tantrum, I make sure he can’t harm himself or anyone else and go about my day.  It’s amazing how quickly the tantrum stops when you ignore it!

B1 climbs on the kitchen table and the whole house is immediately toddler proofed with all of the fancy and expensive locks, hooks and gadgets and chairs removed from the table.  B4 dances on the kitchen table and I video it and the locks, hooks and gadgets to baby proof……

A tea towel tied to the handle counts, right???

To B1 it might look like B4 gets away with a lot more than he used to and you know what – he’s right!!!  I am much more lenient on B4 because I know I can’t break him.  I’ve raised 3 before and they’re all tracking fine so B4 gets way much more freedom to explore the world as a 2 year old than any of the others did.

It works both ways though.  B1, B2 and B3 all had lovely decked out nurseries which were eventually changed to cute little toddler rooms at this age.  And B4 ….. well we moved house 10 days ago and I literally just reassembled his cot because I felt bad his mattress was still on the floor.  Even though he loved it and has never slept better.  Oh, and he shares my room – not cute toddler room for this little solider!

To the first time Mum who is out their googling everything about their 2 year old wondering where they are going wrong – it’s great to educate yourself but you are not doing anything wrong. From my experience, just go with the flow and enjoy the challenge of trying to negotiate with a 2 year old to put clothes on, you never know when these negotiation shills you are learning will come into play.  I know that the next 12 months are going to be filled with tantrums, injuries, more tantrums and B4 wanting to do everything himself. I am soooo prepared for this the 4th time around.

To B4 – welcome to Toddlerhood.  The fact that you have been able to scale up and down a flight of stairs unaided for several months now, tells me this is going to be one wild ride!

I love how independent you are becoming.  For the majority of your life it’s only been me and your brothers guiding you and helping you grow.  You’ve recently branched out and to see you go so confidently fills me with pride that I given you a stable and loving base to return to.

You really are the cutest – you know that don’t you!  While no parent will ever admit to having a favourite child – I do have my favourite stages and this one is definitely it.  To see the world through the eyes of a toddler can be incredibly uplifting and I am so excited to be able to have this stage one last time, especially with you, B4.

So, my little wild child, let’s do this but I want to make a deal with you. YOU try and stay out of the emergency room this year and I will give you the most exciting little adventures to fill your days with joy. With all of your older brothers at school next year it’s going to be just you and me kid and we are going to have some fun!

Oh and if we could start to sleep this year – that’d be great.

Happy 2nd Birthday little Dude, I love you to the moon and back – Mummy x

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