Take the hassle out of buying kids shoes

Buying kids shoes can sometimes be a difficult decision. Do you go for the cheaper option and end up buying several pairs a year or do you spend more money and only buy one pair a year?

I always go for the latter option. Particularly as a couple of the children have inherited my very flat feet, I always feel it is better to have supportive, good quality, well fitting shoes.

Every since B1 started school I have always shopped at The Athlete’s Foot for kids shoes. They stock a range of good quality sneakers and school shoes.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything, some of the shoes are expensive but here’s how I manage to get my kids into good quality shoes without the huge outlay.

In previous years my boys have needed both black school shoes and sports shoes. Roughly a $400-$600 outlay. Yes – I get heart palpitations just thinking about it as well. This year, we only needed sports shoes so in comparison to spend under $300 seems cheap but it’s still a big chunk of the family budget.

The Athlete’s Foot have been offering AfterPay online and instore. Yep, I know some of you will shudder at the thought of AfterPay BUT for my family this is how I manage to make the big purchases such as good quality shoes.

I think of AfterPay as a reverse layby. Anything I would normally buy and think “hmmm, I’ll have to layby it” I now use AfterPay. I’m fairly good at keeping it under control (although Kmart NEED to get rid of it ASAP!!!) but if you’re not so good at that sort of thing I probably wouldn’t recommend it for you.

In addition, The Athlete’s Foot also have a rewards program called MyFit Rewards. You get one point for every dollar you spend and when you reach 300 points you automatically receive a $30 voucher. $30 will buy you a pair of toddler shoes (or close to it). I haven’t actually paid for a pair of toddler shoes for about 8 years now – I just use the rewards vouchers and then I know my toddlers are also in good quality shoes.

So, how much will a pair of sports shoes set you back at The Athlete’s Foot for your child – up to about $130 (or less than $100 if they have a sale!).

My boys selected these:

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus
Nike Lunarsolo GS Kids

We ended up buying them online because the range was much greater than in store. We went in store to get them measured up, then in the comfort of my home, one Tuesday night we browsed the website.

There’s free delivery for orders over $100 online and the shoes arrived Thursday morning! If I needed to return the shoes, I could do it in store or send them back. The Athlete’s Foot also free in store pick up.

It was such an easy purchase and for me, spending the extra money far outweighs paying a lesser price but having to try and fit shoes myself in a department store several times a year. No thanks, I’m all for easy and doing this once a year is enough for me.

It’s been years since I treated myself to a new pair of running shoes – well, to be fair I don’t run so there hasn’t been a need but lately I’ve been walking a lot so I think I’ll pick myself up a pair of these soon!


Tell me, what are your tips for buying kids shoes??? Let me know in the comments.

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