Summer Digital Detox

Summer school holidays are here!

7 weeks at home with the boys and more importantly 7 weeks of not having to make school lunches!

As a parent, this is my 5th summer school holidays but being a working Mum I’ve only ever spent 1 of those holidays at home with the kids.  Normally, as every working parent would know, summer holidays are full of stress as you try and get your kids looked after without spending a fortune on Vacation Care. Guilt, because the kids are in care all the time and in my case, the 1st to be dropped off and the last to be picked up. Usually, I have the first two weeks of school holidays off and then the last week to prepare for the return to school.  Not this year, we’re going to be together for the full 7 weeks and I’m a little bit excited about that.

I have dreams of being the perfect Pinterest Mum, we’ll happily spend our days baking, doing craft, laughing and smiling! Then reality hits, I have 4 boys – they days will be spent breaking up fights, fixing things they break and cleaning things they spill.

In the past, I have planned every minute of every day of holidays. I think it’s because I didn’t have that long stretch of time at home. Lol, who am I kidding, it’s because I’m a typical Type A personality and can’t function without order!!  This year, I’m changing. There are no plans.  There are things I’d like to do.  Catch up with family and friends, take the boys somewhere new, maybe get away for a few days, a trip to the beach but there are no plans.

These holidays are going to be fun and relaxed without a schedule.  They are never going to be this age again, we are never going to get this time back.  We’re going to relax, we’re going to watch movies, we’re going to get out and have fun.  I’m determined to spend some one on one time with each child, each day.  They are going to learn responsibility and help me keep the house tidy on a daily basis.

The two older boys are obsessed with technology, they constantly ask to turn on technology from the moment they get out of bed. My response is usually “No, you can’t spend your life in front of a screen, find something more productive to do” I say this with my phone in my hand scrolling through Facebook or replying to emails.

This year I am going to set a new  example, I am making a very public pledge – while the  kids are awake, I am determined not to be distracted by technology. It can wait. Facebook can wait, Instagram can wait, Email can wait. I’ve tried this before and lasted about an hour. Let’s see how it goes, why not join me in this pledge?

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  • I hope you enjoy your summer break with the boys. Pledging to remove technology as a priority is always tough for me, but being a stay-at-home Mom is constant interruptions and if Mom is on her phone she isn’t going to get a lot done anyway, so why not enjoy every minute of every day that you get to spend with them. Especially if this is the first summer break you’ve had with them and you don’t know if you will be able to do it again. Thank you for sharing this post in the All for Mamas Link party week 11 #allformamas . I will share this post of the Facebook group page #All For Mamas, on my page Blended Life Happy Wife, pinterest, twitter and google +.

  • What a wonderful yet daunting gift to have the summer off with your boys! I found this post through #allformamas and really enjoyed it. I’ve been the SAHM and the working more than f/t mom too so I understand both! However I have two girls so I’m sure our summer days end up totally different. I say relax, cuddle if they let you, get outside, make huge messes, play hard, and make time to clean it and yourselves up together and ur summer will be one for the books! And if technology needs to be included, I find it’s helpful and more productive to have short and sporadic technology times. Thanks for a fun read.

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