Divorce Recovery – Steps to Reach the Final Goodbye eBook

Divorce Recovery - That Noise Is MineDivorce recovery! The only eBook you need to take you on a journey through recovery during divorce.

I was almost 20 weeks pregnant with our 4th child when my husband asked for a divorce. The request didn’t come out of nowhere, we had been having troubles for some time but I was of the belief it was fixable.  I never expected him to walk away from our family.

This is an incredibly raw and personal journey that I share with you, not to air dirty laundry or to have you feel sorry for me, but to show you that life sometimes hands you the cruellest blows which you can use to fall apart or as an opportunity to grow.

I used my unwanted divorce to grow.

I took time to heal and used the experience to become a better parent, to rebuild myself and my life and you can too.

Divorce Recovery eBook

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“The man you were married to is gone,” the counsellor said to me “in his place is a man working behind your back to take whatever he can financially to set himself up in a new life. The man you love is plotting behind your back, working with a lawyer, to destroy you. He will make accusations against you that are utterly false, and you need to be strong enough to withstand them.”

“I’ve seen it all before”

I sat there feeling numb.

My marriage was over. I was almost 20 weeks pregnant with our 4th child and now he was plotting behind my back to destroy me.

How do you recover from this? How do you rebuild your life?

A powerful divorce reccovery story of picking up and moving on when all you want to do is stay from the writer of the blog That Noise Is Mine.

          Divorce Recovery      Divorce Recovery

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