School Pick Up/Drop Off Zone 101

The School Pick Up/Drop Off Zone – what an eye-opening experience!  Until now I have been sheltered from this Zone.  I would watch the cars line up, hear the yelling and beeping of horns and even witnessed a few collisions all while I walked on by avoiding the traffic as we walked to school.

Now, I use the School Drop off and Pick Up Zone daily. It has become the highlight and most significant source of entertainment to my day!

I have sat in the line watching the meekest and mildest parents turn into raving lunatics while waiting for their children. There doesn’t seem to be any road rules that apply to this section of the universe and any kind courtesy seems to go out the window as soon as you join this line.

Also, what time are you people getting to this line???  No matter how early or late I arrive I am always at the back of the line, and I mean THE BACK – outside of the school grounds. Are you parking your car at the front of the line and leaving it there all day? How do you get “pole position.”

So, keeping in mind that I spend 20 minutes every morning and afternoon sitting at the back of this beautiful line of parents watching people pull in in front of me, I have come up with some general rules for this Zone.

Rule Number 1:

The line is moving people, stay in your car so you can move as the line moves!

Rule Number 2:

Put your phone down and pay attention to the line.  Again, this is a moving line.  If glued to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest you cannot see the line moving and I’m going to give you about 20 seconds before I beep my horn.

Rule Number 3:

This gap I’m leaving is not for you to drive into, it’s for those parents who wish to enter the carpark and park their cars. Now, you’ve just blocked it trying to get one car ahead.  Nice one!

Rule Number 4:

If you have to get out of your vehicle to help your children get in or out of it, you do not belong in this line. Get out.

Rule Number 5:

With children watching us.  Do not swear, argue, huff or puff.  Do not speed.  Seriously, you just flipped me the bird – in the school pick up line, with your kids watching……

Let’s all do the right thing here, keep the line moving, get our kids and get the hell out of here!

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