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I’ve been working on a new website for That Noise Is Mine, you know, spruce it up a bit, use some of the latest technology I’ve learned to make it a little easier to find things etc.

A few months ago if you’d asked me how I felt about web design my answer would have been “I hate it, here’s the name of someone who can help you with that” but lately thanks to a fabulous new mentor I’ve been working with on one of my other businesses I’ve found some tools to make the whole thing easier – so now it excites me 🙂

I’ve been going through my various pages, updating information and links etc and came to my “About page. The page that tells you all about me and my blog. This version I wrote in November 2017. I had just had my website re-designed and I was working on a new vision for That Noise Is Mine – The Next Chapter. What happens next after divorce! And I think I’ve covered life in general since then on life as a single Mum, the ups and downs emotionally of life in general and shared with you some techniques and products that help me feel good about myself post-divorce.

One thing written in the About page that I haven’t discussed is this:

“an exciting new journey to find love again”

And this is a question that frequently pops into my email and Social Media from readers (I don’t mind, by the way, after all, I do share most of my life publicly).

I’ve touched on things here on the Blog in the past. I’ve talked about when is the right time to find love again, I’ve talked about my failed Tinder experience but I haven’t discussed love itself.

So I thought I’d address it in a blog post once and for all for anyone who cares 🙂

In short – my relationship status is private and something I will keep private.

And this is the reason why – it does not define me. My relationship status does not affect life after divorce. Whether or not you’re single or re-partnered the journey to find yourself again is no easier. It’s still a battle. You still go through similar experiences. My relationship status does not affect stories about my kids, does not affect how I parent, does not affect my battle with anxiety, does not affect my goals and determination and drive to make it as a businesswoman.

There are plenty of other blogs out there that document failed dates, new relationships, new love, failed love, single life etc. but you know what – I don’t want That Noise Is Mine to become one of those. My blog covers my journey from dealing with a very much unwanted divorce to starting online businesses to raising four boys. It gives you – the reader going through what I went through 3 years ago, comfort that it’s all going to be ok and you’re going to be ok, and you’ll be ok regardless if you find a new man or not.

I don’t ever want my worth to be defined by a man or relationship status. I’ve allowed that to happen too many times in the past and never again.

This is MY blog and MY journey and if there happens to be a man in my life, meh, who cares.

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  • YES!
    And similarly rather than have my worth to be defined by a man or my relationship status I have started telling people what I actually do when they ask me what I do. I used to just say that I work for my husband. Sure, I do work for my husband, but I play a proper role in the business. I have KPIs and responsibilities just like all of my colleagues.

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