Pinterest Mom’s | Their Existence Has Been Confirmed and Here is the Problem

My daughter started kindergarten this year, which means my status as a working mom received a new layer of meaning. I was prepared to meet the judgy stay at home mom that attends every class party and volunteers at a minimum of 3 days a week. Rest assured, I wasn’t disappointed.

Back in October I finally had the chance to volunteer for the class fall party. I worked long days that week, so I could take off early on Friday to be there. I was assigned “my station,” I knew what time to arrive, and I was stoked!

I walked into that school like…

Hey look at me, I work full time. I have a little monster at home and a deployed husband. But here I am – volunteering at my kid’s school, and I don’t look half bad today in my cardigan and curly hair.

Then, there they were – The Pinterest Moms. Perhaps, it’s envy. They always look so well put together. Or maybe, a small part of me wishes I could be at home with my kids. Nah! I’m a good mom because I don’t stay home with them.

Regardless, I’ve noticed that these small groups of Pinterest Mom’s have a few things in common…

  • Oversized Louis Vuitton
  • Sparkling coffee mug
  • Leggings that match the current holiday
  • A baby with leggings that match yours and a bow bigger than their face
  • The best contour job you’ve ever seen
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Perfect manicure (and probably a pedicure that matches the leggings)
  • iPhone7 Plus
  • Lingering husband in the back with a miserable look on his face yet, he’s still dressed in J. Crew from head to toe.

I know you might be thinking this is critical and hateful. You’re right, it is. But if you think I’m wrong, then you probably are one. Truthfully, the women weren’t that bad. They didn’t talk to me, but I didn’t have an interest in talking to them.

Fast forward three months and I find myself on the 98th day of school frantically skimming through Google, searching for “100th day of school” ideas. I became annoyed with some of the pictures I saw. Who has time to make shirts and pants for this kind of thing? And, how the heck did they know this optional homework assignment was even coming? More importantly, who in their right mind believes that a child made these? Admit it, lady you only let your kid squeeze the glue bottle!


After finding my easiest option, I used my lunch break to run to Target and purchase the supplies: One poster board with a glitter border, one box of foam sticky letters, and five boxes of band-aids. She “survived 100 days of school.” Turned out great, and I didn’t have to do anything.

My daughter’s school uses an app called ClassDojo, it’s essentially Facebook for her class. I love it for the quick updates, pictures, and communicating with her teacher is a breeze. On the 101st day of school, I receive a Dojo alert that new pictures were posted. For a second I thought I was on Pinterest, not ClassDojo.

Am I the only mom left standing that absolutely refuses to be a Pinterest Mom and complete these projects for their kids? Look, I get it… it’s impossible for a kindergartner to create something that isn’t slightly an eye-sore when it’s hanging on the fridge for six months. But isn’t that the point? When did parents stop letting kids be creative and start worrying so much about how this project will make them look? News flash, it isn’t about you. Lets stop and think about what kind of attitude and expectation this creates.

You’re telling them that any masterpiece they create will never be “pretty enough” for you.

You’re eliminating all opportunities for creativity and the use of their imagination.

You’re showing them that it’s acceptable for someone else to do the work for them.

You’re allowing them to take ownership and pride in something they have had minimal if any, participation in.

In 20 years from now, you’ll sit back, and reality will punch you in the gut. You will have a 25-year old that can’t do laundry, expects a crust-less PBJ for lunch, has zero creativity abilities and lacks critical problem-solving skills. Does the thought of that make the few hours of glory and a handful of “likes” you receive from your flawless Pinterest project worth it? At this point, I hope you (at least) let the kid write their name on it themselves.

Stop putting your Pinterest and Facebook post value ahead of your children’s natural desire to be creative. Not only that, stop projecting your “Facebook persona” off onto your children. What do you think they enjoy more – working on a school project with you or hearing that mommy’s latest Facebook post got 43 likes? And for god’s sake, stop wearing leggings with pumpkins on them.

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  • So I have been called a Pinterest mom for years….
    My husband would never in his life wear J Crew ?
    My bag is a diaper bag…if I remember it
    And there’s nothing wrong with a sparkly mug ?
    I earned that title from my holiday themed snacks and games though…def not my kids projects. My daughter took 100 raisins to 100 day….I told her they looked like mouse poop, she said that’s why she liked it ??
    I don’t think those are Pinterest moms…I think there’s another word for those moms..

  • This post made me laugh out loud and shake my head all at the same time, and I’m not even a mom! Who even has time for the perfect contour job and eyelash extensions? I can’t even imagine being that mom! Nice post.

  • I stand firm with you as the anti-Pinterest mom. I may show up to my kids school with white wine in my Yeti and a nod to my love of champagne on my Zulily t-shirt just to drive that point home.

  • I always attempt Pinterest…and then look back at those projects and wonder what in the hell I was thinking. I am a Pinterest embarrassment. I am amazing I have not been banned from the site yet.

    I can not get down with the LuLaRoes…

  • According to my tweenage daugther (who was watches too many mom-ish videos with me), I’m a working/free-range/helicopter/professional/hot-mess of a mom. But Pinterest mom, nope. No pumpkin leggings here. And I find the hot-mess really isn’t Pinterest compatible. Seriously, who has time for that?

  • I was literally just talking to my husband about this! I am NOT a pinterest mom, I am in no way that creative. I wish I were, but I am the type of person who gets 100 tooth picks and writes a sign that says I picked my way though 100 days. 😛

  • Ouch! This is an interesting perspective. Why not the “do what makes you happy mom”? There are so many ways to parent. Instead of comparing, just find what makes you happy. I taught for 14 years, so I can agree with parent made projects being the less desirable, but I do not agree with your list of what makes a Pinterest mom.

  • OMG. I love this! So true. I am a working mom also. Totally relate to this.

    I just had the same realization yesterday when my son’s valentine box wasn’t “good enough”. It was a fricking shark! I thought it was cool. Ugh…Great post!

    • Thankfully, they made their boxes in class. But don’t think this stopped some parents from sending ridiculous valentines. My daughter went with a simple card that had an eraser attached. She came home with shopkins, and full sized boxes of chocolates. I mean, she got more candy on V-Day than she did on Halloween. It’s only getting worse!

  • This is AWESOME! I’m a homeschool mom…you know the denim dress wearing, messy hair with kids that look like the’ve slept for days in their clothes and haven’t had a proper “non-mom haircut”ever….LOl…not really except the messy hair part. I’m with you on standing up and letting kids be kids and letting them make their own things…they have a lot more pride and ownership of something they have worked on!

  • Kids should be themselves and not be hand held by their parents their whole life. Being a parent includes being there and guiding your children not doing everything for them.
    I love to seeing other moms stand up for their children’s creativity and imagination.
    Thanks for sharing.?

  • I’m crafty-but think Wynona Ryder in Beetlejuice. Excuse me while I paint my kid Mickey Mouse bedroom decorations that I found where???Pinterest. I’ll be listening to Depeche Mode while I do this.

  • This is an awesome and raw read! I love it. Sometimes I feel the same way when I log into my instagram account and see all these picture perfect mommas who use the hashtag #honestmotherhood. Naw…honest motherhood is the good, the bad, and the UGLY, not the the perfect, the groomed, and the staged. I respect all the mommies out there, but let’s keep it more 100!

  • I’m not a mom yet but I see this a lot! I work full time, strange hours in a busy ER so I will never be a Pinterest mom and I’m okay with it! Love this post!

  • Lol, I’ll never be a Pinterest Mom despite spending all the time on it I do – only to grow my blog. My problem is probably that I don’t care that much what people think about me. I want to help people, but their opinion doesn’t hurt my feelings.

  • I always end up being the “pinterest fail mom” lol I have tried a lot of cute crafts with my daughter, and they always end up looking CRAZY! oh well, we had fun though. I will never be a pinterest mom though, and I am ok with that

  • OMG! This made me laugh so hard!! My daughter started preschool this year but when I really first encountered the “pinterest mom” was her first soccer team. When it was my turn to bring snacks I brought oranges and water bottles like when I was a kid. I was so excited for her to start soccer! The next week one of the moms brought this huge bag with each kids name on them on a printed soccer ball modge podges onto the bag filled with 6 or 7 different snacks. Do I hate it or do I want to be one of them? I can’t decide! I work too..

  • I enjoyed this post and I agree that parents do too much for their children these days. I think all the time about how we’re raising a generation of entitled, lazy people. It’s kind of scary. I think it can be hard as a parent to find the balance between helping your child and enabling your child.

    Also, I must admit I have two pairs of leggings, one of which is Valentine-themed. But I wear them for sleeping in or hanging around the house because they are the MOST comfortable things ever!!

  • Good read! Thanks for the laugh. I have been called a “pinterest mom” before but not quite to the extent you have described above. I’m not a designer girl, the fanciest thing I own is a watch and for the life of me can not think of the name of it currently. I hate “wasting” a good outfit and makeup for sitting in my home all day playing with my daughter. I will throw a little mascara on before we head to the boy’s school when I volunteer and hour in each class once a week. I do remember when C was in kindergarten, we went to the dollar store and bought a 100 piece Disney puzzle. When we got home he put it together by himself, with minimal help from me. I like pinterest to get ideas from, I’ve had successful “pinterest” projects but only because I put my own spin on it. I like to craft. I would never take my kids projects from them, only help guide them in the right direction. M wanted to make he friends something for Christmas so we made craft stick Santa’s, snowmen, and elves. The only thing I did was touch up paint and hot glue items on. Everything else was him! He was so excited! He worked on them for several days after school and on the weekend to get them done before break. I do have a great example of OVER BOARD valentine desserts from a parent. M’s kindergarten class had their party and enjoyed heart shaped cheese, fruit, and cookies. One parent bought heart shaped cookies the size of the kids head stacked on starburst candies around the edge glued on by frosting then topped with another HUGE heart shaped cookie with a pound of frosting and sprinkles to top it off. It was ridiculous!

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