Open letter to people in car parks

Dear fellow car park users

Why, why, why do you insist on waiting for my car park as soon as I get to my car with my 4 children in tow!  I’m not even parked in a great park, it’s a long way from the door and see this car parked next to me, right on the line!!! Your passenger won’t even be able to get out of their door.

You see, coming to the shops with 4 children is traumatic enough, trying to load 4 children, a pram, a nappy bag and shopping into a medium sized sedan is stressful.  The eldest is fine but not at all helpful and just climbs into the front seat and reads his book – at least he’s accounted for.  The next one has no idea of his surroundings and dances and runs around while waiting for me to put the baby in the car which is a task in itself with his wailing arms.  Then comes the toddler.  After 5 minutes of bribes trying just to get him in the car he then decides to “plank” and let me tell you, he’s a strong little planker. Finally after he’s strapped in I then need to arrange the plethora of trains, books, food and drinks required to get him into the car at my home into their exact position to avoid complete meltdown.

And there you are, holding up a huge line of traffic with your indicator on waiting for my park putting more pressure on me than a check out operator at Aldi (seriously who can pack as fast as they can scan!!!!).

I can tell you one of 3 things are going to happen here depending on the success of my shopping trip, either I’m going to get completely overwhelmed by you waiting and lose my shit probably falling to the floor in the fetal position crying or I’m going to get annoyed by you waiting and take my time loading up the car or if you’re really, really lucky I will unload my  car and return to the shops!


The Mum in the Target car park who is currently writing a blog post on her phone while you wait for her car park.

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