My Taps are Awesome!

Do you ever have those moments in life where you wish you could bottle them up and keep them forever.  You know those moments, where everything just feels …… right.  For just a fleeting moment.  And you want to capture that so when things aren’t so right you can go back to that moment where everything felt so right.

Lately, I’ve unfortunately had to visit the hospital where 3 out of my 4 children were born.  Not many people can say this, but I love visiting that hospital.  As soon as I walk in the door all those moments come back to me.  The moments when I had to visit the hospital for pregnancy related appointments, the moments my children were born, the moments after they were born and the moments taking them home from the hospital.  One step inside the doors, the smell of the hospital, the nurses and staff walking around, the pregnant women, the new Mums.  It brings back all those fabulous moments for me.

Not long ago I went for a drive past my old high school.  Even though it looked completely different, there were still some things that were the same.  Then all those moments came back.  The first day of high school, the friends I’d met, the people I’m still friends with, the last days of high school.  It all came back.

My baby isn’t such a baby anymore.  He likes to sleep near me or directly next to me but doesn’t often like to be held anymore, he’s getting a bit too big to just snuggle in.  But the other day he found a comfortable spot and snuggled in, just like how he used to when he was a newborn.  In a second, I was remembering all those moments when the older boys were in bed and it was just B4 and I awake, him snuggled into me.  I remember his warmth, his smell, his weight, his size, everything.  It’s moments like those that I wish I could get back.  Maybe not to do it everyday but just once, just for a couple of hours, snuggle my newborn baby again and completely relish the moment rather than think about the million of other things I should be doing.

Facebook Memories are also great for remembering moments.  Last week a photo appeared from 4 years ago.  4 years ago I was married with 2 kids.  The kids and I had followed my then husband to a coastal location he was heading to for work.  In the Facebook Memory, there was a picture of the 2 boys on the beach.  I was around 8 weeks pregnant with B3 at the time and had the absolute worst morning sickness.  I’m sure many women can relate, the type of morning sickness that makes you feel like you’ve got a constant hangover.  Looking at that photo, I was right back there, in that moment, feeling ill but having this freezing cold breeze around me making me feel alive.

It’s funny how so many things, smells, sounds, locations, photos can bring back memories and put you instantly back into that moment, whether it be good or bad.

Then there are current moments that you’re living now, when you’re sitting with someone you’ve known forever but suddenly see differently, playing a random 90’s music quiz, feeling carefree and relaxed, drinking water from the tap that tastes like the finest Gin.  You just want to capture that moment forever because you’re not sure you’re ever going to have it that good and that relaxed again.

It’s moments like those that make you think “My taps are awesome!”


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