My Girls

As I write this I am preparing to say farewell to my best friend for 3 months as she embarks on the journey of a life time. A life changing journey and I am so excited for her.

There’s a group of 4 of us, my closest friends.  We’d like to think that we’re like the Sex and the City girls but in reality we’re probably more like the Golden Girls!!

We met when we started working in an office together in our very early 20’s.  The funny thing with this office is that there was a reputation the “young admin girls” were constantly arguing and bitching. Some how we didn’t argue, we bitched about the other group of admin girls but we stuck together and nearly 20 years later we are still friends.

The period of time we worked together was very short. During this time I don’t remember doing a great deal of work.  I remember going out for morning tea, for lunch (and a vodka, lemon and lime served with a massive hairball!!), after work drinks, I remember making place cards for one of the girls wedding.  I also remember being promoted – not really sure how that happened. One by one we went our separate ways work wise but we always remained in touch.

Our friendship is special.  I’m sure the girls will remember the Elmo toy we’d send through the mail with a letter to the friend who was having a rough time. I think the Elmo is now in my toy box, so watch out girls, he might be coming to you soon!  We have the sort of friendship where we can go for months and sometimes years without seeing each other and when we get together we pick up like nothing has changed. It’s easy and relaxed.

We’ve all been through a lot. We’ve each had kids at different stages of our lives. There are 9 kids between us now. We’ve caught up with each other separately, we’ve caught up together.  We’ve spent countless hours standing in the street trying to decide where we are going to eat.

Personally, my girls supported me over the past 12 months like I could never have imagined.  It has made our bond even stronger.

And now one of us is going away. She is such an amazing woman. She raised a child on her own. Over the past 18 years I have watched her make sacrifice after sacrifice for the sake of her child. On my wedding day she was standing by my side, keeping me calm. When I had finally had the courage to talk about my marriage problems I confided in her.  She has guided and advised me.  There were times I pushed her away, I knew what she was saying was right but I wasn’t ready to believe it and then there were times when I needed her she was there without question, sometimes without me having to ask. She was by my side as I gave birth to my 4th baby.

My dear friend, I will miss you more than I could ever put into words.  You are my sister from another mister! You are my safety net! You are my rock! You deserve this journey more than anyone I know. It has been an absolute joy to be standing by watching you raise your beautiful child to the most delightful adult they are today.  It has been a pleasure having you standing by my side through thick and thin. I cannot wait to see the adventures you are about to embark on.  This is your time now.  Pat yourself on the back and celebrate.

Bon voyage my darling girl!


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