My Christmas Traditions

Nothing says Christmas more than a great big long table made up of little tables all at varying heights and widths, with 20 non matching chairs. Christmas Traditions. Every family has them, some are standard and some are out of the ordinary.  What your family did at Christmas time are sometimes some of the happiest memories of your childhood.  Sometimes these traditions are passed down from generation to generation and sometimes new traditions are formed.

This year I am starting a fresh with Christmas.  It’s the first Christmas Eve, morning and lunch my boys will be with me so I plan on taking some of our older family traditions and mixing them with new traditions.  Here’s what we are doing.

Christmas Eve

Prior to the divorce, Christmas was usually spent travelling somewhere so I’d use Christmas Eve as a time for us to spend together with the children and focus just on our family.  We’d have a traditional Christmas Eve dinner and then give the gifts we’d bought each other, watch a Christmas movie and then the kids would head to bed while I silently and frantically wrapped everything!

We’re still going to have a Christmas Eve dinner this year, just the boys and I as it was something we all really enjoyed.  I also feel it’s important for the kids to buy or make each other and myself something small so we’ll still have our tradition of handing out presents.

Presents for the kids from me are not over the top, toys never come from me.  I generally get the children:

  • A complete outfit to wear on Christmas Day
  • A set of PJ’s
  • A book
  • A new lunchbox for school
  • A craft activity.

For the dinner, it’s always the standard Christmas food such as Turkey or baked ham with roast vegies and Christmas pudding for dessert.

I love to decorate the table differently each year, the one thing that stays the same is the tablecloth which is one I bought, last minute on Christmas Eve in 2006 – our first Christmas with a child who was born 5 days earlier!!!!  This year I’m loving Edible Blooms range of Chocolate Christmas Trees that you can use as centrepieces!

An edible centrepiece – just what I need!!!!


This year after dinner I thought we’d go and visit some Christmas light displays in our local area.  In the lead up to Christmas we always head out to see lights after the boys have had their dinner and a bath so I thought I’d leave the biggest and best displays until Christmas Eve and then come home and watch our Christmas movie.


Christmas Day

I have no doubt in my mind that Christmas Day will start early! We’ll start the day by seeing what Father Christmas has delivered.  Christmas morning will probably look excessive but that’s only because there’s 4 kids! Father Christmas is not going to go over the top as he’s mindful to split presents between the boys two homes 🙂

To my home he generally delivers 1 big toy the kids have asked for and a couple of little toys.  He leaves a few presents to be shared such as board games or outdoor activities.

Once the chaos has died down we’ll have a small breakfast and than a traditional Australian Christmas Seafood lunch.


I absolutely cannot wait for Christmas this year.  Come back and check my blog from now until Christmas when I’ll share some of my favourite recipes and gift ideas with you or better still, subscribe to my mail list (scroll down a little bit further to subscribe) and I’ll flick you an email as they’re published.

What are your Christmas Traditions? Share them in the comments below.


Oh, by the way, if you buy something using any of the links to Edible Blooms contained in this post I receive a small commission – just thought you should know 🙂

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