My blue-eyed boy

9th birthday


When you were younger you had the most amazing ice-blue eyes with gorgeous long eyelashes. You had tiny freckles on your nose – sun kisses we’d call them. I’d get lost in your features and couldn’t believe that I made you! I still can’t.

You were and still are the most thoughtful and sensitive of all the boys. It’s actually amazing to witness the differences between you and your brothers.

You are the one who will take care of me. Not that you need to – Mum’s a very tough cookie and can take care of herself. But I know, one day, when your brothers are trying to decide which nursing home to put me in, you’ll be the one who says “Mum can live with me”.

You are the one, when I walk out of my bedroom in the morning, not having slept or showered who will look at me and say “you look beautiful, Mum” and then you give me a hug and say “and you smell lovely”.

Maybe I smell like home. Maybe that’s why you don’t like it when I wear perfume.

Sometimes you struggle to be understood. I’ll admit, I struggle to understand some things about you but I’m trying really really hard.

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You are YOU and you are not afraid to be YOU. And my only hope is that this never ever changes. Never ever feel like YOU have to change because the world does not accept you as you are. You are unique, you are awesome, you fight for everything that you love and that you feel is right.

Don’t let the world change you B2.

I am excited to see where life takes you and how it takes you there. It’s bloody scary at times but just know that no matter what happens I will always have your back. I will always love you and accept you for who you are.

Happy 9th Birthday my little Bear, enjoy your roller skates! Luckily we know the staff in the emergency room well 😉

I hope you have the most amazing day.

Love Mum

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