Kid, you’ll move mountains!

Dear B2

The night before your 8th birthday I suddenly realised how grown up you had become.  I was cooking dinner, buzzing all over the place with B4 under my feet.  He touched a hot pot and screamed.  I immediately picked him up and put his hand under running water while calling out to you and your brothers who were playing in the next room.  Within seconds you were in the freezer grabbing frozen peas for B4’s hand.  Once he was settled and I was able to resume cooking dinner, you filled bowls of water and put them on his highchair table tray and played with him making sure his burnt hand was constantly in cold water.

Later in the night, I asked you what made you run out to help.  You said you remembered when you were 4 and burned your hand on a hot oven tray and how much it hurt and what I did to help you.  You didn’t want your brother in pain so did all of that for him.

I was proud, but also sad that you remember the day you burned your hand and the pain you were in.

We have ups and downs and as your Mum that’s very hard for me to admit. No matter how hard I try to put boundaries in place, they are always pushed sometimes unintentional and boy does it cause some clashes.  I like order and quietness.  You are disorganised and loud.  I’ve given up on your bedroom and there was  a time when your wardrobe was a disaster zone and now you can keep it neat, so I hold out hope that soon you will keep your bedroom neat.

You still become sad when we talk about you being a grown up and how you won’t live with me anymore, I won’t lie to you – I love that! We often talk about how you’re going to live next door to me and take me out for drives in the car …. ok your exact words were “I’m going to take you to Wineries Mum because you like them” which was kind of alarming but anyhow – at least you know the good Wineries to visit 🙂

You are in Year 2 at school and are spectacularly good at maths.  Your reading has improved and we’re working on your handwriting.  You started playing Football and after a terrible start you have completely surprised me by how you get into the game.  To think we were about to give up after the first training session! It was you who convinced me to take you back and I’m so glad you did.

At home B3 is your best friend.  You call each other “best friend”, it’s pretty cute.  You play Harry Potter with B1 at night time when you’re supposed to be sleeping.  I don’t discourage it, to hear the two “big” boys still use their imagination and role play fills my heart with joy.

You are the chaos to my quietness, the worry on my mind and the apple of my eye. You are the one to greet me with a smile each morning regardless of the time and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You are not in a hurry to grow up like your older brother and are more content hanging with the younger kids. Whilst sometimes this is frustrating because it feels like I have 3 toddlers I know you’re not going anywhere any time soon regardless of how quickly it feels we reached 8.

Happy Birthday B2

Love Mum x

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