I forgot me

I spent so long being miserable that I forgot how to be happy.

I forgot I mattered.

I forgot how to rest and take care of myself.

I forgot how beautiful life is.

I forgot to disconnect from stress.

I forgot to say No to the wrong people and Yes to the right people.

I forgot beauty and innocence.

I forgot me.

I forgot what I stood for.

I forgot what I deserved.

I forgot how to smile.

I forgot to go easy on myself.

I forgot I didn’t have to be perfect.

I forgot that life is not about being good to everyone, it’s also about being good to yourself.

I forgot how to have fun.

I forgot what I wanted and deserved.

I forgot how to live without misery.

I forgot I am perfectly fine as I am and should not compare myself and my life to others.

I forgot who I was.

And then one day I remembered and everything changed.

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