How NOT to move house!

As a single/independent Mum you rely on a lot of other people to help you manage life.  As someone who is fiercely independent it plays havoc with your mind and just once you want to be able to do something without relying on your “village”.

Believe me when I say this – moving house is not something to do on your own!

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something, I love my village and the support they provide but I wanted this to be mine.  It was the start of a new beginning, one where I was determined to be more independent and start to try and manage this crazy life by myself.  So, when it came time to move house, I told a select few the exact days I was moving and turned down all offers of help.  I could do this on my own.

I couldn’t.

It was the most stressful experience of my entire life and in the end had to call in Mum and Dad to help and it made me appreciate my village even more!

The first time I moved everything was done for me.  I thought I helped but it turns out I didn’t, well not very much anyway.  Furniture magically reassembled itself and at the end of moving day we all had beds to sleep in and even though there were boxes and bags everywhere it was kind of under control.  I packed maybe 2 boxes on that move.

This time around though it was going to be organised my way, I wasn’t taking junk or clutter with me, I’d throw things out as I packed and that worked well for the first 5 or so boxes.  After that as moving day approached, things were thrown in boxes with absolutely zero organisation.

ALL of those boxes still sit in my garage.  All of them.  I’ve unpacked NOTHING except essentials! Whilst my home is currently lovely and neat with no clutter my garage is full wall to ceiling with boxes.

Send Help!

I tell myself that I’m going to unpack those boxes sensibly, throw out what I don’t need and only put away what I will actually use.  Reality is though that in 6 months time those boxes will probably still be sitting out in the garage unpacked. There’s very little urgency because the car is too big for the garage so it’s not going to be used for anything else!

When I moved I had limited time and budget.  I engaged removalists who were absolutely wonderful and here are a few tips they gave me which really helped speed up moving day:

  • Disassemble all furniture before hand, they will charge you to disassemble furniture, assembled furniture takes up too much room in the truck and they will get frustrated if they are walking around you disassembling furniture on the day;
  • Put all disassembled furniture in one area of your home for them to pick up (I was lucky my old place had a huge double garage where everything went);
  • Try to put as much of your other furniture in one area of your home so the removalists can save time not having to walk from room to room;
  • Keep all of your boxes together by size in one area of your home;
  • Try not to have too many smaller boxes, these take longer to load/unload;
  • Leave your clothes in your drawers and just tape them shut;
  • Some removalists will also let you leave your food in the freezer!

If you have kids with you on moving day – which I did – ask the removalists if older children can help.  2 of my boys did and absolutely loved it.  Set younger kids up on a deck chair with snacks and make a game out of what is going to come out of the house or truck next.

Once the removalists are gone – what next?  Don’t feel you have to rush to set up beds, particularly for kids! “Camping” on their mattress in their new bedroom for the first night or 2 is an adventure to them.

Set up your kitchen essentials first.

Next I set up the playroom for the kids so they were entertained while I worked in other areas of the house.  Beds were assembled on the second day after I decided how the lounge and dining room would be set up.

Next up I tackled wardrobes and clothes.

And that now leaves me with the boxes in the garage. Which will get done ….. one day!

Oh and don’t forget to leave room in your budget for take-away on the first night, whether or not you moved by yourself or your tribe helped, cooking will be the last thing you feel like doing.

Happy moving 🙂


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