Happy Birthday Moo!

Dear Moo

Tomorrow you turn 3.

As I’m writing this I’m watching you play with your trains, on a track you built yourself.  When did that happen, when did you figure out how to build the track yourself? It was only just a few weeks ago that you were asking me to build it and now you’re doing it yourself.

There are so many things you do yourself now, I’m amazed at how quickly you learn how to do things just by watching those around you.

It has been a big year for you.  You became a big brother.  I was a little worried about how you would handle this but oh my goodness Moo, you are the best big brother.  Your little brother loves you.  I see the smile and joy on his face when he sees you.  When you are with your Dad and it’s just B4 and I, he will always look in your bedroom as we go past it to see if you’re there. You’ve taken your role as big brother very seriously, you protect B4 from everything.  You love all of your brothers.  You bring such joy to our lives.

You call me Mummy. Out of all the boys you are the only one to call me Mummy, I’ve always been Mumma. I can’t get enough of you saying Mummy.  You get me every time when you say “I wuv you Mummy”.  It doesn’t matter what you have done or how cross I am, you get me every time!

Sometimes I can’t get my head around how quickly you have grown.  In my eyes you are still that little baby boy with all the hair but then we sit down and have actual conversations I realise that you are now a big boy.  I thought I savoured every moment with you but I still feel like I blink and missed you turning from baby to boy. I’m trying not to think that this time next year you will be 4 years old and in Pre School.

You are still my little Moo though, you will always be my little Moo.

I hope you have the most amazing day and year ahead.  The age you are now is my favourite age.  I love seeing the world through your eyes and seeing the wonder that you see.

Love you to the moon and back, Moo. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Mummy xx


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  • What a lovely letter to Moo!! I love that you captured who he is at the start of turning 3. 3 is a fun age and the independence grows so fast. I have a little guy who is almost 3.5 and i love seeing his interests and understanding grow. I have also noticed all the emotions, are so much bigger at this stage for us. Cheers

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