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I find music very therapeutic and comforting, I always have, from a very young age. There isn’t a particular genre I am interested in, my tastes are diverse, if I relate to something I like it.

It’s funny how one song or artist can take you back to a different time and place in your life.

Recently I watched Crowded House live on TV, it was a 20 year reunion of their original farewell concert. I remember watching the farewell concert 20 years ago. I was living at home at the time. Mum and Dad were renovating and I was sleeping in a half finished bedroom where the ensuite had just been waterproofed that day. Whenever I see footage from the first concert I immediately remember the smell of the waterproofing and the coldness of the concrete floor!

That same year, also around the same time I saw Michael Jackson live in concert. It was AWESOME and by far the best concert I have ever seen.  I might be a little biased as I was and still am a massive Michael Jackson fan. To appreciate the true theatrics of the man, putting aside everything about his personal life, go to YouTube and watch the 1995 MTV music awards performance – brilliant.

Whilst growing up I remember Bonny M and the Beach Boys.  My Mum is an Elvis fan but I don’t remember a lot of Elvis music.  My Mum seemed to like the same bands my sister and I was into.  Now as a mother I get it.  I also like the music my kids listen to and have been known to have a bit of One Direction or Taylor Swift playing in the car when the kids aren’t there!

I discovered live music early.

The first concert I ever went to was an Australian band called Noiseworks at the local pub. It was an underage afternoon show and I went with my sister.  I wouldn’t have been very old – maybe 11 but I loved it and was hooked on live music.

Next was New Kids on the Block, again with my sister.  Mum won the tickets on a local radio station.  The screaming girls (us included) were so loud my ears were ringing for days.

Then another boy band, Take That.  This was the first time we had front row tickets.  I was devastated as Robbie Williams had just left the band prior to their tour but it was still great.

Eventually I saw Robbie Williams live.  A real entertainer.

John Mayer is another brilliant live performer.  The first time I saw him live we were in the front row and he took my camera and took selfies of himself. I still have the photos somewhere.

And in keeping for my thing for a man with a guitar – Johnny Diesel and the Injectors were another favourite.

It’s been far too many years since I’ve been to a concert for myself. The last 4 concerts I’ve been to were The Wiggles!!!  Recently I saw an ad for Diesel playing at a nearby pub in a couple of months, maybe I should treat myself and go.

Over the past year I have listenend to music more and more as a therapy.  YouTube has become my best friend and I’ve spent way too many hours watching music videos. Recently a friend of mine put me onto Rage (an Australian music video show) top 50 of the year, we’re hooked on the 90’s and it’s been playing in my home and car ever since.  Takes me back to a much happier time in my life.  It’s awesome!  If you ever have time I urge you to watch.  It’s like a trip down memory lane for your soul.

Anyway, I think I’m going to watch the Crowded House concert again. They all look older, one of them has passed away but they’re still bloody brilliant.

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  • Totally agree with you on the music. I have listen to many different types of music some of course I enjoy more over others. Music helps set the tone or mood. If I’m cranky or not motivated put on some music and it all goes alway.

  • Music is so powerful. It has defined my life. Certain music, the minute I hear it, sends floods of memories to me – from when I was young, in high school and dating my then boyfriend, to driving back home from college and rocking out in the car. For some reason, with three small children, I’ve drifted away from music, but lately have been getting back into it as it really does lift my spirits!

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