Gift ideas for the Single Mum!

Most single Mums rarely spend money on themselves, and that includes Christmas gifts for themselves.  If I had an unlimited budget, here’s what Santa would be leaving under my tree this Christmas, how about you?

The Wing Eyeliner

The Wing Eyeliner is a pre-inked, pre-shaped winged eyeliner stamp for each eye. Waterproof, smudge proof, cruelty-free, vegan certified & registered. Available in 4 different sizes it is quick and easy for busy Mums who are trying to apply makeup with kids running wild!

I like the look of the 8mm fine wing which is perfect day-to-day, check out the website for other sizes


Dermalogica is my go-to skincare brand. I was first introduced to Dermalogica through one of these “Meet Dermalogica” packs.  It provides smaller sizes of their most popular products.  In this one is you get:

Special Cleansing Gel – This soap-free foaming gel removes impurities without stripping the skin’s natural barrier, making it ideal for even stubborn eye makeup.
Daily Microfoliant –  Polish away dead skin cells with this water-activated, rice-based enzyme powder that is gentle enough for daily use.
Skin Smoothing Cream – Improves skin texture and tone, while restoring critical moisture, with our most popular medium-weight moisturiser.
MultiVitamin Power Firm –  Combat visible lines around the eye area with this powerful firming complex of vitamins, protective silicones and Red Seaweed Extract.

SoHo Skincare is the perfect online store for all the best skin care products.  Delivery is super quick and they always include a few little samples with delivery as well.

Nude By Nature

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that I absolutely love and swear by Nude by Nature cosmetics.  My absolute favourite product is this:

A versatile stick for easy highlighting, creating points of light, intense colour and a luminous sheen. I don’t have a natural glow because I’m ridiculously tired so I rely on this highlighting stick with the Nude By Nature BB cream for my daily base:

This little gift pack is the perfect collection for lovers of the Touch of Glow Highlight Stick. This must-have collection features each of the 3 shades available in everyone’s favourite highlight stick, in limited edition mini formats.

Colette Hayman Tote

Recently, I ditched the baby bag for the first time in nearly 12 years!!! So now I get to carry a handbag, some readers may wonder what the big deal is but believe me after years and years of carrying around a baby bag to have a handbag of my own is very exciting.  Except, it’s not really a handbag of my own because it still need to be big enough to carry snacks, drinks, cars, trains, dinosaurs, random socks and whatever else finds it’s way in there.  Plus to be able to use it for work it needs to be big enough to fit my laptop and other bits and pieces.

I like a plain style with no compartments as everything always seems to end up in one anyway. This classic tote from Colette Hayman instantly caught my eye.

It’s part of their “basics” collection and is a perfect size (Height 30.5cm, Width 47.5cm, Depth 12.5cm, Handle Drop 25.5cm).  And being a classic nude colour you don’t need to worry too much about matching it with your outfit.


For my birthday this year, my best friend bought me a voucher from a similar site for a facial and a few other beauty services.  It was truly the most thoughtful gift. She is also a single Mum and knows that even if we had the money to splurge on ourselves – we wouldn’t.

Scoopon has all different kinds of offers to treat anyone in your life this Christmas.  All you need to do is visit their website, select your area and start shopping!

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