Getting Ready for School: Labelling your child’s belongings

Are your kids constantly losing things?? I have the perfect solution.....

If your child is at school or in childcare, you’ll know the benefit of making sure everything is labelled. Some schools and childcare centres request that you label everything and from time to time I’ve been guilty of writing the kids names on clothes and containers with a Sharpie!!

Printed labels are by far a better option, they’re quick to apply, clear to read and often last for many, many years ….. If you get the right brand!

I’m sure we’ve all been there – buying cheaper option only to find a bunch of labels at the bottom of your washing machine or dishwasher!!

Recently, I came across Bright Star Kids. And boy, am I glad I found this website, they are making life so much easier!

Bright Star Kids not only have labels galore to ensure all of your child’s belongings are clearly named but they also have a myriad of gifts, clothing, personalised Christmas decorations and stockings, teacher gifts and even something for your pet! Seriously, when you visit their website, you’ll be on there for hours browsing the beautiful range of gifts and trinkets.

Bright Star Kids also has a fantastic backstory. They started in 2005 in Australia as a university project! They pride themselves on providing quality, durability and excellently designed labels. Over the last decade, the Bright Star Kids team has grown along with the product range. They now have personalised products that have been designed to be fun and colourful but also extremely durable, perfect for life with kids!

As far as labels for your kids, here’s what I recommend.

For children in childcare, go for a smaller pack that has a variety of labels. For childcare, you want EVERYTHING labelled – including shoes!! The Designer Daycare Labels Value Kit is perfect. It contains 114 labels – including shoe labels. The beauty of shoe labels are, they also help your kids with which shoe goes on which foot – Perfect! The labels are washing machine, dryer, microwave, dishwasher and steriliser safe and they’re 100% waterproof. This kit also contains iron-on labels for the kid’s clothes.

Designer Daycare Labels Value Kit

For a school-aged child I’d recommend Mega Labels Value Kit. This kit contains 264 labels which will last you for many years. Plus the design is not aimed too young or too old, so it will suit your child as they grow through primary school. This kit has everything to label shoes, clothing, lunchbox containers, drink bottles, pens and pencils – you name it, there is a label in this kit for it! It is the kit I use with my school-aged kids.

Mega Labels Value Kit

To go one step further, Bright Star Kids also have a range of personalised backpacks, lunch boxes, library bags, pencil cases and even swimming bags. And they’re absolutely beautiful.

While you’re on the website, check out the Bright Star Kids blog. There are many handy hints and tips, and there’s even a section with some free printables.

Once you’ve ordered your labels and gifts your order is processed quickly. My labels arrived within 7 days of me ordering them, and they have priority shipping if you’re like me and tend to leave everything to the last minute! All labels are printed in Australia. For large orders, you can use Afterpay to spread out the payments making it easier on the family budget.

And considering labels are going to last you for many years I’d highly recommend going for a larger order to save time and money in the long run.


You can sign up to the Birthday Club for some exclusive discounts and offers and even have a chat to Bright Star Kids for some fundraising ideas for your school, kindy, childcare centre or sporting club. Plus the Family Club will give you points for shopping, reviewing products and sharing on Social Media.

Now, to keep things 100% transparent, I was given free name labels for my kids in exchange for this blog post. However, I’m so impressed with the quality and service by Bright Star Kids I currently have a massive wishlist of products to order for birthdays, Christmas and end of year Teacher gifts.

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