Finding Content in Your Life

So many of us are unhappy or discontent in our lives these days. We never have enough stuff, or money, or whatever else it is we feel we need. I have some good news though, it doesn’t have to be like this! Over the past few years, I have learned how to be more content in my life and I want to pass along the lessons I’ve learned along the way so that you might find more content in your own life!


Focus on the good and positives in your life

Putting our focus on the good and positives in our lives has proven to be the most helpful so far, to teach our minds to focus on the good and positives in each moment rather than the less desirable aspects. For instance, looking at the silver lining of a bad situation may help you accept it with more peace in your heart rather than focusing on how awful it is that it happened in the first place. That doesn’t mean that your life will be all sunshine and rainbows, but it will significantly improve things.

Remember all of the things that you are grateful for each day

As we focus on the positive things in our lives, it is also important to remember what we are grateful for at the end of each day. Those things that were positives in the day, write them down or make a mental list of them to highlight their significance in your life. The more you are grateful for these things in your life and put it into practice, the easier it will be to be content in your life. You will feel less and less like you need more in your life than what you already have.

Cut back on the things that aren’t helping you or your family

Whatever you do or have that doesn’t serve you or your family members can be cut out of your daily life so that you have more time and energy for things that do matter. A lot of what we do each day is not absolutely necessary. Sometimes simply cutting out what we don’t have to do can make room for the important things which makes us feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

Pamper yourself once in awhile

We all deserve to be treated well, especially in the way we treat ourselves. So go out and see a movie, read a book that you really want to read, go shopping, or whatever else strikes your fancy! The time you spend pampering yourself will lend itself to your overall sense of wellbeing which will help you feel more content when the rest of your life isn’t “perfect.”

Celebrate all wins and successes

When you have a win, no matter how big or how small, celebrate that win! The more of your successes that you celebrate when they happen, the more content you will feel with those wins because you will be training your brain that they are really wonderful and to focus more on them than anything else that happens.

Remember to just do your best

Focus on doing your best each day. A lot of us have a “perfectionist” mentality, where everything has to be just so. The way I have combatted this in my own life is reminding myself that all I have to do is focus on doing my best each day. Sometimes my best may vary from time to time, and that’s perfectly fine, as long as I’m putting in the effort and doing the best I can in the moment.

Read your Bible and turn to God

If you are a person of faith, or even if you’re not, reading your Bible and learning to release your cares and worries to God can help immensely. Our discontent can come from being worried, stressed, or overwhelmed. Yet, when we leave those things we are most worried or stressed about to God to take care of, it takes a lot of the burden off of our shoulders. When that burden is released, we feel more content and lighter!

Find and follow your passions or purpose

Often times, when we find our passions or our purpose in life, that motivation and energy carries us through the rest of our life with more content and happiness. Doing the things that we love to do gives us a reason to get up in the morning and something to look forward to in our daily life. What is your biggest passion and how can you pursue it?


The good news is that contentment can be learned. If you use some of these tips listed here, you will soon realize that you are more content with your life than you imagined you could me. How do I know…? Because it happened for me!


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  • Gratitude is so important…especially appreciating all the little things in your life. I have to get back to my daily gratitude journal where I write 5-10 things I am grateful for each day

  • Today I’m working hard to find the positives in my own life. Most days are really good days. Other days, I struggle a little bit. I’m a labor and delivery nurse and one of my patients last night had a miscarriage. When this happens, while thankfully not often (most days are very happy days), I grieve with the mother, for her loss. And then I go home and grieve a little for the babies I’ve lost in my own journey to have a family. I remind myself that without those losses, I would never have my youngest daughter and I cannot imagine life without her. I am reminded how grateful I am and how absolutely blessed I am that I have three healthy, happy children. I absolutely love what I do, but some days can be very difficult. I find that keeping a gratitude journal helps my perspective immensely and when I struggle, I turn to that.

    • It is tough some days to find the positives and gratitude. Sounds like you are doing a good job of that though! I can imagine how hard those days are. I’m glad most of your days are happy though! I bet you see a lot of beautiful babies and families in your work!

  • About 15 years ago I decided to live positively. I woke up one more in April of 2002 and said to myself, “it’s exhausting being you!” I was so angry and negative and a terrible person to be around. I just decided I was tired of it and would attack life with a positive outlook and I have never turned back!

  • While my husband traveled, last summer, it took a lot for me to find ways to keep myself content. I started blogging, and found my love of writing again. It’s hard to find time for yourself with being a mom, but I realized it’s so important to take care of yourself!

  • It is only very recently that I have learned that ‘celebrating small wins’ makes you feel so much better with your life! Too often we think that our day or week wasn’t successful because we didnt earn lots of money or go on a 10 day holiday. The small things add up and they really should count 🙂

  • This is beautiful! It’s easy to become overwhelmed and lost, but recognizing and acknowledging the little things is HUGE. It’s how I started to experience gratitude rather than just knowing I should be grateful.

  • It is so important to remember the things we are grateful for every single day. It takes a few minutes but that puts everything in perspective. No matter how bad our day seemed, if we spend a few minutes remembering the good that happened despite of the bad then we realize how lucky we really are.

  • I love and agree with all of these! Sometimes it’s hard when we’re stressed or going through tough times to look at the good and the positive. And I’m alllll about taking some time for yourself and recharging! Thanks for the reminders!
    Merichelle |

  • Interesting list. A lot of these things do seem helpful (though reading a Bible is not a form of comfort to people who aren’t of that faith, let’s be real about that hun-those books are pretty dense reads! ;P ) Really, all kidding aside, this is a good list with pretty simple activities that can help anyone be more appreciative of the good things in life. Almost a layman’s CBT, if you will. One friendly word of caution: Be careful in saying/implying that the key to personal happiness just lies within the individual and his/her thoughts. This can be very hurtful and almost gaslights those of us who live with mental illnesses such as PTSD, like me, or depression/bipolar disorder/etc like a large number of the population. Sometimes that can sound pretty similar to “just get over it” or “it’s all in your head.” You wouldn’t say that to someone trying to recover from something like pneumonia, right? So please don’t say it to us. For example, I don’t try to dwell on the negative events in my past, but it’s pretty darn hard when a certain smell or phrase triggers a vivid flashback! That being said, as long as we aren’t all expecting a radical life change, I do agree that this is a really positive list, and I look forward to incorporating some items in my daily life, especially the one about gratitude. Oh, and self care 😉

    • Hi Betty. I was definitely not saying that each one is a necessity, they are just ways to find some content in your life. I deal with depression and anxiety on a regular basis, and have for many years now, and I agree that it isn’t just about our thoughts. There is a lot more to it than that. Like I said, these are just ideas to find contentment. Happiness is a bit different than being content, and even when we are content, that doesn’t mean we won’t have bad times in our lives.

      I agree that the Bible isn’t of comfort to those that don’t believe in it, but for those who do it can be very comforting and helpful.

      Thank you for reading and leaving a comment!

  • This is a great list of tips and such a great perspective. Let’s be honest, life is messy and difficult but how we look at things and our attitude can change everything! Thank you for sharing this!

  • That’s a beautifully bright and uplifting article! It is being mindful of the positives in our life each and every day that gears us up for contentment in whatever we achieve. I have been practicing quite a few of these tips in my own life. Though it needed a bit effort in the beginning, I now know how very effective they are. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

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