Everyday essentials for Mum and Bub

So you’ve got the Nursery organised and it’s stocked full of nappies, wipes and other lotions and potions for bub.

Prior to the birth of my first son, I thought I was fully prepared with everything I needed. And then he arrived and I realised I had nothing we ACTUALLY needed.

Thanks to Amcal one of Australia’s leading online Pharmacies, here is a little list from me to you – some products that I didn’t even know existed prior to having children but I found were essential to the basics I’d already purchased.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment

Made using fresh fermented papaya fruit, grown in Queensland, Lucas’ Papaw Ointment has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and can be used as a local topical application on minor burns and scalds, sunburn, gravel rash, cuts and minor open wounds, nappy rash and chafing as well as insect bites and splinters and thorns. It can literally be used for anything! Dry, cracked and sore nipples in the early days of breastfeeding, to ease nappy rash for bub, lip gloss for Mum! Lucas’ Papaw Ointment is still a staple in my handbag.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks

I’ve been pregnant 5 times and carried 4 babies to full term. I have to say I’m one of the lucky ones where my body held out remarkably well but on the other hand I don’t have the “tiger stripes” other Mums so proudly have. Throughout all of my pregnancies, I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. This soft, silky lotion is perfect for use all over the body from the start of pregnancy. This non-greasy lotion relieves the dryness associated with stretched skin due to pregnancy and helps improve elasticity and suppleness. An essential for the Mum-to-be and great to continue using after pregnancy.

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Express & Go Starter Kit Small

With my 3rd baby I went back to work while still breastfeeding and this kit is absolutely perfect for that. It eliminates the need to transfer milk from pump to bottle for storage or feeding. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally knocked over full bottles of breastmilk – let me tell you – sometimes you DO cry over spilt milk, especially when you’ve spent an hour pumping it!!! This kit contains pre-sterilised Express and Go pouches – use just one to express, store, warm and feed, so no transfers, no waste! It has a breast pump adapter set to fit with Medela, Lansinoh, Evenflo, Ameda, Philips Avent & Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature. Breast milk pouch bottle comes with the award winning closer to nature teat for a smooth transition from breast to bottle.

Amcal Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer

Over the years I have used a variety of different thermometers. From the cheap and nasty to the super expensive and I have to say that these are the easiest and the best type I’ve used. No more waiting around for an eternity trying to keep the thermometer under the arm of a squiggly baby or toddler. No more fussing around trying to get the thermometer into the child’s ear. Bam onto the forehead this goes and in 1-2 seconds you have your result. Easy! And this one talks as well.

Rafferty’s Garden Smooth Sweet Potato Carrot Apple 4 Months + – 120g

I am all for making baby food. I made the majority of baby food for all 4 of my kids but take it from me, there will be times when life gets busy and you’ll go to the freezer to take out baby’s meal only to discover you’ve run out. This is where these pouches are a godsend! Keep a few in your pantry for emergiencies. There are many different brands on the market but Rafferty’s Garden was always a favourite of mine. The combinations are perfect fro the growing baby. This particular flavour contains a
combination of Sweet Potato, Carrot and Apple acts as a great source of carbohydrates for energy. Rafferty’s Garden nutritionist Karen says the Vitamin C it also contains is important for healthy cartilage, gums and teeth.

About Amcal

Amcal pharmacy puts professional healthcare within reach of every Australian. From prescription care to heart health support, health tests to pain relief, Amcal’s growing range of comprehensive health services are redefining pharmacy care; making expert health advice and support more available, affordable and accessible to those in need.

From their beginnings in the 1930s as Allied Master Chemists of Australia Limited (A.M.C.A.L.), they have grown to become one of the most widely recognised pharmacies, and are part of the largest network of pharmacies in Australia and now you can access many of their products online via their website. You can also receive Free Shipping at Amcal when you spend $89 or more online!

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