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This week has been a busy one but I have still managed to clear all of my kitchen cupboards.

When I moved in, I moved in a hurry and things weren’t as organised as they normally would be.  My kitchen cupboards are full of things that I just don’t use anymore, my trouble is dedicating the time to go through what was there.

The storage in my kitchen is sufficient for the size of the house, it’s just that we have a lot of junk and were not utilising the cupboards in the best way.

Before starting with the decluttering I thought about the functionality of my kitchen, how it runs and how and where the kids help and have reorganised cupboards accordingly.  The kids unload the dishwasher every day and I found the biggest problem to be they just put everything away at the front of the cupboard so when I have reorganised I did it based on the kids and how they work and then I can adjust myself to suit them.

Here’s how it panned out this week.

Cupboard 1:

This was decluttered not long ago.  It holds my first aid kit, sunscreens and batteries.  It’s above the oven and microwave and the kids can’t reach it so I’ve left this cupboard as is.

Under oven drawer:

This used to hold all of my pots and pans.  A couple of years ago I bought a set of ScanPan pots and these have been the only ones I have used, so I kept these and put the rest in the charity box.  I also moved the pots and pans and will now use this deep drawer for drink bottles and kids lunch boxes.  Mostly because I got tired of drink bottles falling out of the cupboard when it was open.

High Cupboards:

Ok, so looking at the after picture, I have glasses on the left and mugs on the right.  Glasses I didn’t cull but the very top cupboard I used to store some alcohol, this has now been moved to the pantry and makes room for a couple of different types of wine glasses.

Somehow throughout my life I have collected approximately 3 million mugs!  I donated most to charity, kept a few sentimental ones and a new set of mugs I purchased not long ago.

In the middle is my spice cupboard, the thing is some of these spices were so old and never used.  In fact as I was throwing them out I think most of them came from my ex husbands house when we first moved in together – 13 years ago!!!!

I am going to restock my spices by buying a new one each week with my grocery shopping and plan to buy these spice jars from Kmart Australia (Ikea also sell similar) which I currently use on my desk to store paperclips and pins – click on image to view on the Kmart Website.

Before and After:


Low cupboard:

There once was a time when I was addicted to buying plastic containers – you know the ones, starts with a T ends with ware!!!  They were awesome at the time but then I read more and more about the benefit of using glass containers so I bought a few sets of Lock and Lock glass containers.  The thing is, I never got rid of the plastic, mostly because it was so bloody expensive I felt like I had to hold onto it.

This time around I have donated all of the plastic to charity and now only have my glass containers.

I have also moved the pots and pans into this cupboard.

There is no before photo as we couldn’t even open this cupboard without everything falling out, but here’s what it looks like now:


Corner cupboard

The most annoying type of cupboard, it holds my dinner set and hundreds of sippy cups I have collected throughout the years.  I culled a few things and arranged it so that it makes it easier for the kids to see where things go when they unload the dishwasher.

The bottom shelf holds baking goods.


Under sink cupboard

This was a completely wasted cupboard full of things I mostly don’t use. Oven trays and cake tins I put in the low cupboard and this cupboard was now empty.

I moved a container from my pantry that contained cleaners etc into here and put the sink organiser from Week 1 in here as well.  There are child locks on this cupboard so that the children cannot open them.


My storage containers are from Kmart Australia.


These were mostly empty as the baby has been able to get around any type of child lock I had on them.  Removing the handles helped and he has given up trying to open them.  Cutlery was already neat and tidy so this drawer was not touched.  I culled some utensils, mostly those I had doubled up on or don’t use so the drawers look less cluttered.

I’d still love to get some slim storage containers for here just to keep things separated and stop the constant rummaging through drawers to find utensils.

What have you been decluttering this week?  Share in the comments below and be sure to check out how I have decluttered my kitchen benches and pantry.

Happy decluttering!

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