Declutter Your Home – Kitchen sink and benches

Week 1 of the Declutter 365 Challenge has me standing at my kitchen benching wondering where the heck am I going to put all of this crap!!!!  The bin would be a good start but our bins are really, really small and our family generates a lot of rubbish (hmmm, maybe there’s another challenge we can participate in…….) anyway back to the task at hand –  my kitchen benches.

The week started easy with some reading about the challenge, this is a great way to start as it provided some motivation to declutter.

Oh, and before we get into it, I mention Kmart Australia – a lot – I’m not affiliated with them.  I just love them! Where I have mentioned Kmart’s products, click on my picture to go to the product on their website (click back to come back to my site!).  And the photos are of my home as we live in it.  There are no fancy props or flowers everywhere because – well, boys!!!


Kitchen Sink area

My kitchen sink is smack bang in the middle of my main living area so to keep the entire area looking clean I need to keep it clutter free.  Does that mean it’s always clutter free – no, never!!!!

The sink is constantly full of dishes, even though we have a dishwasher within arms reach and the damn high chair tray – well that thing gets in the way ALL. THE. TIME (if you have ideas on where else it can go I’d while it’s waiting to be washed I’d love to hear them!!!)

Late last year I began decluttering my benches and bought this from Kmart Australia (click on my photo to go to the item on Kmart’s Website) to organise everything I need to wash dishes. At the moment it sits on the bench but I think once I declutter my under sink cupboard I’ll put it in there because it’s not very pretty.

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So, with the clutter gathering on my sink being day to day dishes I need to come up with a better plan to clear these regularly:

  • Empty dishwasher after breakfast;
  • Put everything in the dishwasher as we use it;
  • Hand wash everything else twice a day.  Once at nap time and once in the evening;
  • Put dishwasher on after dinner.

As I’m writing this it’s day 2 of this routine and it’s working well.  It’s actually giving me some free time in the evening as it’s not taking as long to load the dishwasher and clean up.

Where to from here:

Once I’ve put the sink organizer in the cupboard, I think the only thing I need here are some soap dispensers for the hand soap and hand santiizer.  I’ve been on the hunt for these for a while and can’t seem to find what I want but these are definitely on my list of things to purchase by the end of the kitchen challenge.


Kitchen Benches and Table

Late last year I was fed up with the number of appliances I had on my benches and didn’t use.  I have a fairly large pantry so moved these an empty shelf.  The only thing left on my benches were the things I use regularly such as the knife block and chopping board and even those could be put away if I had the room in my cupboards.  The rest of the benches are clear.  This, however, leads to clutter gathering throughout the day because it is such a big clear surface.

As with the sink I have now started a cleaning routine where the benches are decluttered twice a day.  Everything that gathers on there is put away or thrown away.  This has been working well and has also been helping at dinner preparation time because I don’t need to clear a work space.

My kitchen table stays clutter free.  I have a fruit bowl (purchased from Kmart Australia) in the middle of the table which seems to keep the rest of the table clutter free.

The chopping board is also from Kmart – click here for details

If you don’t like my choice of fruit bowl, how about these:

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Where to from here

I’m happy with my benches and the routine I have come up with to keep them clear.  Once the cupboards are delcuttered I will try and find a space for the knives and chopping board leaving the benches completely clear.


Before and After Photos


That’s it for week one. Phew that was painless!!!! Next week – kitchen cupboards.  I can guarantee that won’t be painless, but my prediction is that at the end of the week I have at least 1 empty cupboard and 2 empty drawers.


Happy decluttering 🙂


Go to Week 2 – Kitchen Cupboards

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