Day In The Life of Series

Are you a Mother juggling many different tasks?? Do you run a blog?? If the answer is YES then you are the perfect fit for my Day In the Life of Series. The purpose of the series is to highlight just how hard mothers work by running our own blog (and sometimes whilst holding down a conventional job) all while raising a family.

After submitting your answers to the questionnaire below I will write a blog post which will be emailed to you for approval. These posts will be published on my blog and given the same attention as a Sponsored Posts.

Your post and blog will be promoted:

  • with a permanent post on my blog;
  • the blog post promoted on Facebook with a paid boost behind it (on publishing);
  • your blog promoted on its own on Facebook;
  • the blog post promoted on Instagram;
  • the blog post promoted on Twitter.

I’m happy to accept any images you’d like to include in the post via email also feel free to link to your website in your answers.

If you have any questions please contact me. Posts will be published at my discretion, once a month on a first in first served basis 🙂

BUSINESSES: feel free to contact me for rates and information on Sponsored Posts.