BOOK REVIEW: The Crafters’ Club written by Louise Guy

Minecraft!  Who’d have thought that such a basic game would turn into such big business.  As a parent, I’m actually glad that there is more to this phenomenon than just a computer game. Not only does the additional merchandise get the kids off the gaming console but it also provides endless gift ideas – going to a birthday party and don’t really know the kid – buy something to do with Minecraft.  Looking for something small to reward the kids – buy something to do with Minecraft, stocking stuffers – Minecraft!

My boys are great readers and love any of the various types of Minecraft books that are available.  The fact that at such a young age they are able to read these books and then use their imagination to bring to life (in the game) the worlds that feature in the books really is a tool that’s going to server them well for life.

So, when 3 Minecraft chapter books from The Crafters’ Club series arrived on our doorstep there was much excitement from all of us.

The Crafters’ Club is an adventure/fantasy series about 4 children who discover a portal which transports them from the real world into the world of Minecraft. Many adventures play out in the Minecraft world where they have to learn how to craft supplies, outwit mobs and ultimately survive. The series will appeal to children aged 6-10 and also to fans of the popular video game, Minecraft.

The series is written by Louise Guy, an Australian author who writes books for children aged 6-12, drawing on her own kids for inspiration.  Louise also writes general/women’s fiction for adults.

B1 (aged 10) is an avid reader and smashed through all 3 books within a couple of hours, admittedly they are more suited to a younger reader but because the topic was Minecraft it held his interest.  For B2 (aged 7) these books were the perfect introduction to novels.  The larger, spaced out print made it easy for him to see where he was up to.

As for a review on the story lines, well I’ve left it up to B1 to tell you about that (this is in his own words and contains SPOILERS!):

Book 1 – Two Worlds

My favourite character is JJ because he is like a leader and smart. I can’t believe Jamie was going to jump over the lava to get to the portal. I mostly like their house because it has a movie theatre and a library and the glass roof. I can’t believe that Annie made food the whole time but came in handy later.

I wonder if the Wilsons knew about the portal to Minecraft map.

I wonder if the portal leads you to your own Minecraft map or someone else’s map.

I really liked the books they were great I am really looking forward to the next book The Villages, I wonder if Jamie goes in by himself can’t wait.



Book 2 – The Villagers

I can’t believe Jamie went into the portal without JJ, Annie and Charli. He would have died from that slow weakness potion. But it was wrong for JJ to go in after him without Annie and Charli.

I never knew villagers had names like Toby.

I wonder if there is a thing called a slow weakness potion. I wonder if Toby will come through the portal what if the portal explodes and they can’t get back through, what if someone dies like Toby, his father will be very upset.

Hope none of that happens in book three.



Book 3 – Lost

I can’t believe that when Toby went into the portal he went to the nether.

I wonder why JJ, Jamie, Charlie and Annie had literally in their inventory. And when they came in on JJ and Jamie’s X box and went into the nether they switched into survival.

I am sad that they will probably not go back to the village.

I actually think that nether rack has a blast resistance of 14. I can’t believe that Jamie made the jump for the second time but actually made it.

Thanks B1 for your review and thank you Louise for giving us the opportunity to review these books.

Disclaimer: we received these books for free in exchange for a book review!

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