Book Launch – Steps to Reach the Final Goodbye

As I write this post it is just over 12 hours until I launch my very first book. I am feeling nervous at releasing such personal thoughts but I’m also excited to finally get it out there. You have no idea how many times over the past few weeks I’ve had to refrain from sending a copy of the book to a Facebook follower or friend. I just wanted SOMEONE else to see it other than the people working directly with me, but I’ve kept it under wraps.

For the past 6 months I have been planning, analysing, writing, editing, reading, writing more again and it was all leading to this moment. Writing a book is so much more complex than writing a blog post, you see Carrie from Sex in the City writing in her unattainable New York apartment and you have visions that your writing will be just as glamorous.  It wasn’t.  My book was written mostly in the middle of the night in darkness except for the glow from my computer screen, during the day with a child on my hip and out and about on my phone when an idea came to me. I have tried to keep the writing true to myself and the story exactly how I would tell it if you were sitting here having a coffee with me and I hope that is reflected in the book.

Having to sit down and focus purely on the marriage, where things went wrong, the healing process and where I am now has been incredibly therapeutic.  I can see exactly where things went wrong, why they went wrong and I know exactly what I want and don’t want moving forward.

Seeing just how far I have come in 2 years really makes me proud. When you’re living life, it’s rare to sit back and reflect on where you were and where you are now but it is an awesome experience.  I have literally transformed myself and my entire life and that is a surreal experience. Today I sat down for a coffee with a friend I’ve known for 20+ years, her words about me were “I’ve never met this woman before” and truth be told, I’ve only just recently met me as well.

For me now, this book completely closes the chapter on the divorce.  As far as the blog goes I can’t see there being any new posts on the divorce. I think everything that needed to be said as therapy for myself and also to help other people has been said.

If only one person can take comfort in my words then my job here is done.  I think we can now focus on the rest of my life!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and after a few weeks off I am going to start work on a plan for a new book, this time a fiction book, I have a couple of story lines in mind, we’ll see which one makes the final cut.

So, without any further ado, I introduce to you my first book:

Steps to Reach the Final Goodbye

(click on this link to go through to the promotional page)

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