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Who doesn’t love samples? An opportunity to try the latest products without having to outlay the expense of buying the product! And Bellabox is perfect for this.

This is right up my alley!

As a blogger, I like to keep updated on the latest products and technology to pass onto my readers but I don’t want to spend a lot of money doing it.

Now, you all know, I’m 100% transparent here on my blog so I will tell you that I received a Bellabox for no cost in exchange for this blog post. BUT I was so impressed with the samples received, I have now signed up to the subscription service to receive further samples.

So, what is Bellabox???

Bellabox is an Australian, subscription-based beauty box company that partners with the biggest names.

Think Lush, KORA & ColourPop!

Here’s how it all works

Head to the website and pick which package is for you. There’s Bellabox full of samples for women, baby, men.

Then each month you’ll receive 5 samples, shipped to your door in a beautiful little box.

It’s not expensive. For less than $20aud per month you can get your hands on these beautiful boxes (use code WELCOME5 at the checkout to get a discount off your first box!).

Now, I have to say, that when I saw the word “samples” that’s exactly what I expected to receive. Samples to use once. But that’s not what I received. 2 of the samples were traditional sample sachets but the others were pretty much full-sized products to use over time. I love this idea! One of the products was an eye cream. The instructions said to use it continuously for 3 weeks to see results, so the sample provided was more than enough to use it for the 3 weeks. PS: the product worked and I’ve since bought it!

And, what do you do if you like one of the samples that comes in your box?? Hunt through the shops trying to find it??? Nope, head back to the Bellabox website and buy full-sized products in their online store.

How easy is that!!

Here’s another brilliant idea – you can give a subscription as a gift! Think about this – baby shower gift – give the new Mum to be a 3 or 6-month subscription to Bellababy so she gets a range of awesome products for bub every month! Or even better, Bellabox so she receives a treat for herself each month!

Bellabox was started by a group of women who were sick of heading to the department store every time they wanted to try out the latest makeup or moisturizer and sick of wasting money on buying full products. And I think we can all relate to that, we’ve all been there – buying expensive products and not using them.

This beautiful little box takes the hassle out of it all.

To find out more about Bellabox and to sign up (don’t forget to use code WELCOME5 at the checkout to get a discount off your first box) visit the Bellabox website. Keep an eye on Instagram as well where I’ll share some pics of my next box.

July 2019 Bellabox
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