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Kirsty Pickering

Founder and Editor of That Noise Is Mine   

Kirsty is the founder and current Editor of That Noise Is Mine.

An established blogger, writer and business owner raising 4 children independently. Kirsty is determined to succeed in this new life forced upon her.

Kirsty’s original story ~ her journey through an unexpected and painful divorce ~ features on That Noise Is Mine as well as many other posts and articles she has written about life as an independent mother of 4.

Kirsty’s articles have also appeared on DivorcedMoms.com, Ravishly and Australian media website Mamamia.

The 1st Day

How to deal with Heartbreak

A Street Cat Named Fred

Dad – Marketing Manager – Former Drug Addict – Suicide survivor

Telling my story of how I overcame drug addiction and mental health issues to become an active member of my community and ultimate family man.

Anonymously telling my story for That Noise Is Mine means that I can educate others on the road back from the brink. If I can help convince at least one person reading this that as a former drug addict and suicide survivor I deserve my chance at life, then my job is done.

It is no easy road, the stigma and negativity attached to drug addiction has made my road back to a “normal” life that little bit harder.

I’m not anonymous to protect me, I’m anonymous to protect my growing family.

A Street Cat Named Fred

How to Keep a Job When you Suffer from Depression

Jennifer – Reclaiming the Smile

Jennifer is a homeschooling mother of four little girls: Charity, Kirsten, Makayla, and Abigail. Along with her husband Daniel, they live in the beautiful hills of West Virginia.

Anxiety and depression have plagued her since childhood, but within the last couple of years, she has decided to truly fight back against poor mental health through all-natural methods. 

As a part of her healing process, she decided that she wanted to help others along the way as well. As a result, she started the blog, Reclaiming The Smile, where she documents the journey she and her family are taking to better mental health. 

In addition to telling her own story, she offers excellent tips that others can take to either help their family members who suffer, or take charge of their own anxiety and depression diagnoses in order to life live to their fullest potential and reclaim their own smiles mental health disorders have taken from them. 

If you would like to know more about Jennifer, her family, and their journey to a faithful marriage, and better mental health, check out her blog today. Also be sure to follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. You may also reach her via email at reclaimingmysmile@gmail.com


How My Mental Health Crisis Brought Courage

Shona – Thriving Sistas

Hey! I’m Shona, a divorced single mother and writer from Australia.

After surviving the pain of the sudden and unexpected breakdown of my marriage, my passion now lies in supporting and empowering women to not only survive but THRIVE through change and upheaval – whatever the cause of that change and upheaval.

If you are currently, or have ever, or will POTENTIALLY ever go through any of these sucky situations:

  • Separation and/or Divorce
  • Feeling unsure of yourself or where you’re headed due to ANY significant life change or upheaval
  • A tendency to give your power away in relationships
  • Not realising your true worth OR the empowered goddess that you truly are

Then please head over to my site and check it out!

Visit my site here:  https://www.thrivingsistas.com/

Follow me on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/ThrivingSistas/

Follow me on Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/thrivingsistas/

And lastly… be sure to remember ALWAYS: Change IS difficult but there is passion and joy waiting for you… and you will get through this!


How My Unexpected Divorce Cured My Fear Of Change And Abandonment

How Do I Parent My Teenage Daughter?

Hazel – Holistic Hazel

My name is Hazel Moono; I live in England.  My curiosity mind has to lead me to be Nomad, having lived in four different countries. Zambia is my native, which I left many years ago under self-imposed exile.  I am a blogger and owner of Holistic Hazel blog.  My love of writing prompted me to start up a blog for almost two years ago.  I was not sure of what or how to manage a blog page at my initial days – with time, I would say; I am starting to find my feet.

I am a sister who has six siblings and several friends and has a love of classical music, and a  silver flute is one of my favourite instrument, which still needs perfecting. Growing up, have always struggled with weight issues – belive you me the struggles inspired me to start eating healthier and had to learn to cook my food. Earlier this year, I launched my cookery eBook. Below is the link for the eBook.


Travelling is one of my hobbies too, especially day trips to random places.  You can follow me via Instagram and Facebook both handles are Holistic Hazel for my day to day activities.

I can't call you Dad