That Noise Is Mine is your guide to living your best life.

At That Noise Is Mine we own our life experiences and use them to grow as individuals.

We share our stories in the hope that someone will connect and we can help them move through hard times.

We don’t push our message onto you, we don’t tell you how to live your life, we show you ideas to educate you to live life the way you want to. We show you that every day we deal with significant life struggles. Some days it’s hard to make it out of bed, and that’s ok.

That Noise Is Mine is about getting you to the other side and showing you there is a beautiful life waiting for you to live.  

We’ll hold your hand and comfort you through the bad times and embrace and celebrate the good times.

Kind of like an old friend 🙂

Living your best life isn’t black and white. What works for us might not necessarily work for you. This is your journey through life, and only you know how you want to live it. Only you know the struggles you’ve been through, and only you know the pain you’ve felt. 

That Noise Is Mine will give you different points of views. How to thrive after life-changing challenges.

How to take care of yourself, no matter what stage of life you’re at or how busy you might be.

We show you how to get over heartbreak or deal with hurdles in a relationship and how to thrive as an individual no matter what your relationship status.

Some days as a parent are tough, we’ve got your back though with helpful articles and parenting ramblings, so you don’t have to feel alone.

That Noise Is Mine is not about preaching or judging but about exploring and conversing so you can live your best life.

Self-care is not selfish, it is essential and That Noise Is Mine is your 5 minutes a day to devote to YOU.

So grab a cuppa, sit back and explore a whole new experience – That Noise Is Mine.

Kirsty Pickering ~ Editor and Founder of That Noise Is Mine

Early in 2016, I found myself suddenly single with 3 children under 10 and another one on the way.

Struggling to deal with the sudden change in my life, I turned to writing to help me make sense of what was happening. Fast forward to October 2016, and That Noise Is Mine was born.

What started as a blog about my unexpected and painful divorce has now evolved into a resource showing you how to grow through hard times and thrive in the aftermath – getting back involved in life and moving on.

The past 3 years have been a time of both immense pain and extraordinary growth both personally and professionally.

My divorce is now something that happened to me rather than something that consumes my life. I am more than a divorce, and my life is not going to be forever disrupted by this one minor hiccup.

Divorce is said to be one of the hardest things you’ll ever go through, and I agree entirely, for me, it was like a death. But as with everything in life, you pick up and move on.  

And that is what we’re here to show you. How to pick up and move on and grow through pain to live your best life.

Right now, I am the happiest I’ve ever been in life.

I’m thriving as a successful businesswoman and business owner and loving life as an independent Mum.

I hope through my story and through That Noise Is Mine you to can find the strength to realise what a fabulous individual you are, fall in love with yourself again and really start to live life.

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