A Merry Christmas?

Our Christmases were always BIG. This year I’ve been feeling the pressure to keep the Christmas BIG forgetting that I now only make financially a quarter of what we made together. Not that I want to spoil the kids, I just don’t want them to notice that we’re “financially challenged” and their life has changed even further. It’s a struggle both emotionally and financially. It gets me down.

Today I was dropping something at the Salvos. There was a lady there who had just left her partner, she had 2 kids. She left with nothing but the clothes on their back and was seeking assistance. One of the kids had just a nappy on, the other a nappy and singlet. They had that look in their eyes, I’ve seen that look before, 7 months ago in my own children. The scared look where they don’t understand what has just happened.

They had nothing. Less than 2 weeks until Christmas, she left with nothing.

She looked scared.

I wanted to hug her, tell her that although she can’t see it now, it is going to be ok. There are so many people and organisations that will help her. She will get back on her feet again. It’s a long road but she’s going to be ok, her kids are going to be ok. She feels like she’s damaging them but she’s not, staying will damage them. She will stumble and fall but she will also rise and feel freedom and glimpses of happiness. She will relax, whatever was worrying her is now over. She will exhale.

Instead, I gave her a smile, had a little chat to her kids and left.

Seeing her really put things in perspective. My kids don’t have as much as normal for Christmas but we have clothes, a home, food, we’re happy, we’re still finding our feet as a new one parent family but we’re getting there. Maybe that’s all we need this year.

What will YOU tell your child when they ask you if Santa is real?  Here’s what I told my son…..

What are your Christmas Traditions? Here are mine!


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