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Julie Doherty

For a while now I have been very mindful about what I put onto and into my body. It’s something that started in my first pregnancy and I’ve continued since then.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I eat junk food, consume far too much coffee or drink alcohol but as far as skincare products, makeup, medications and cleaning products go, mostly everything I use is natural and chemical-free.

The skincare range I use for myself and my children is Just for You by Adelaide Naturopath, Julie Doherty.

Just for You by Julie offers you a range of Skin, Hair and Body Products that are not only safe and effective for you to use on your body, but due to the specialized formulations of herbs and pure essential oils, they assist with supporting a healthier you on the inside as well.

I started using Julie’s products about a year ago. Before this I was using a brand of body wash for my youngest children as they suffer from eczema – you probably know the one, it’s available from the chemist and some supermarkets, a soap alternative that smells disgusting!!! Anyway, one night I had run out. I knew that I couldn’t use an ordinary bubble bath as it would lead to the boys breaking out in eczema.

Then I remembered I had a few boxes of Julie’s products. We had just started working together and I was about to photograph them for her website.

So I grabbed the Happy Children’s Hair and Body wash and gave it a try. I was instantly converted. To have a hair and body wash for my 2 younger kids that not only calmed their skin but also smelt absolutely divine, due to the mixture of pure essential oils used, was not something I’d come across before.

For Christmas Julie gifted me some skincare products for me from her range for women. I have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts so I have always stuck with the same chemical-laden (and expensive) skincare to keep my skin clear. I started using the Balance and Soothe range and noticed that my skin wasn’t breaking out, it was clear and it didn’t feel dry. Something that I found was a side effect of the other products I have used in the past, the chemicals dried out my skin.

Most recently I have consulted with Julie for some natural alternatives to manage my anxiety. I won’t mention all of the medications that were prescribed by Julie as they are specific to me but one thing I love to use around the home is the Balance Anxiety and Stress Massage Oil. I pop some into a diffuser and the whole house is much calmer and relaxed. I rub some on my temples if I’m feeling stressed and on the temples of my kids if I feel they’re overstressed or just need some time out.


The great thing I find about Julie is that she’s not looking to “convert” you to natural medicines. For me, she educates me and works alongside the plans I already have in place with other health professionals to provide me with natural medicines to complement and enhance the treatments I am already receiving elsewhere for my anxiety.

Julie’s website contains a wealth of information on everything from tips on how to manage a range of different health conditions to delicious recipes for the whole family (all can be accessed for FREE on Julie’s Blog).

Julie is also working on extra special tools to help you achieve Optimal Health, Happiness and Vitality. This is going to be huge and allows you to access the services of a qualified Naturopath in the comfort of your own home!

On Julie’s site, you can also sign up to receive her weekly Health News newsletters via email and download for FREE a number of different health guides.

Just to lay everything out on the table, Julie has gifted me products for this post (with the exception of the anxiety products) and she is a client of mine through my other business BUT I also regularly purchase products from Julie’s range. I genuinely use and recommend these products and Julie’s services.

If you’re struggling with any health conditions or just find your life, in general, is off track. Get in touch with Julie via her website or Facebook (tell her I sent you!) and she’ll soon have you back on track and feeling your best.

PS: Julie works entirely online so you don’t need to be in Adelaide to access her products or services!

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