A letter for B2 on his 7th Birthday

B2, today you are 7 and as I say every time you have a birthday, I can’t believe how quick time is going. It feels like just yesterday you were starting school but that was 2 years ago now which is absolute insanity.

7 is a very funny age. I’ve noticed this with you. Sometimes you’ll gravitate towards your older brother and the more grown up things he does but most of the time you still gravitate to your younger brothers. I suspect this will all change in the coming year.

You still hold my hand as we walk into school, don’t ever stop doing that!

You push the boundaries, constantly.  Don’t ever stop doing that either.  As challenging as it is at times to parent a child who constantly pushes boundaries, this is what is going to get you far in life so keep pushing and keep questioning.

It’s time to start being a little neater.  Not that I don’t enjoy putting ALL of your clothes back in the wardrobe every day, I think the time has come for a little organisation in your life, I’m type A so will help you with this.

You are beginning to hoard.  Please stop rummaging through the recycling looking for craft supplies!  That’s the magic of you though, where I see rubbish, you see art.

You are very creative, which is probably why you are so messy.  At art and craft day at school you always walk out of the classroom with the biggest monstrosity of boxes which look like nothing until you explain what you have built and how it works and then I can see it and my heart overflows with excitement for you and all the wonderful things you can do with this creative gift.

You are my biggest worry, when I’m wide awake in the middle of the night it’s generally you I’m thinking of. You are such a sensitive soul, you care about others more than yourself and you are an individual. Unfortunately the world is not always kind to those who are different and your sensitivity might make you want to conform to expectations but please don’t ever change, be who YOU want to be, not what the world expects you to be.

Happy Birthday B2, I hope you have the most awesome day and year ahead and continue to add a little sparkle no matter where you go – just don’t bring glitter into the house!


Mumma xx

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