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Later in the year I’m planning a little getaway for the kids and I’d love to go overseas, maybe somewhere like Seminyak, Bali!!

I haven’t booked a holiday for quite some time and I’m really surprised to see the different options available. Of course being able to book everything online these days makes things easier but I feel a little uneasy booking online for an overseas destination I’ve never been to, especially as it is a family holiday. Many of these online booking sites are faceless as well, there’s no one to speak to, to find out more about the accomodation or facilities. The hotel looks great in photos but how do I know it’s suitable for my family?

Then I came across Villa Finder which caught my attention because it’s a little bit different to many others. Yes, on the site I can search through over 1500 villas in Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius BUT the point of difference with Villa Finder is that rather than leaving me to book everything they have a personal Travel Consultant who will do this for me.

So here’s how it works. Say I’m looking at finding a villa in Seminyak for my family trip. I could google “family villas in Seminyak” and trawl throug all the different websites looking for a suitable Seminyak Villa for my family OR I could put in an enquiry with Villa Finder.

They will then have a personal Travel Consultant contact me, find out more about me, my family and my requirements. The Travel Consultant will then find me the best villa to suit my needs.

As someone who is looking at travelling overseas, with my children, to a country, I’ve never been to before this is a godsend. Plus it takes the hassle out of click on hundreds of different Villas to see what is suitable. Someone else is doing the hard work for me.

Once I’ve made the booking there is then a Concierge Team who will arrange different parts of my stay. So obviously I will need a car with car seats, some family friendly destinations to eat at, tourist destinations to visit, maybe a babysitter for the kids from time to time. DONE. Organised by the friendly Concierge Team (at no extra charge as well!)

Villa Finder currently has over 1500 Villas in destinations like Bali, Phuket, Samui, Sri Lanka and Mauritius. All of the villas are inspected before they are listed online and then frequently reinspected to make sure they are well maintained and the level of service is consistent.

I really like the idea of staying in a Villa rather than a hotel particularly with kids in tow. I don’t have to worry about sharing space with anyone else. The Villa feels more like a home and there is so much more space than a hotel room. What really sells it for me is the ability to prepare your own food rather than eating out all the time which can get expensive and excessive.

Another benefit of using Villa Finder is that for every booking, they will plant a tree in Sumatra, Indonesia.

Sometimes the thought of going on holiday is overwhelming because there is so much to do but with Villa Finder, I feel like I have my own personal friendly team taking all the hard work out of it. All I have to do now is pack, sit back and enjoy our holiday!

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  • This is so helpful. We love to travel, especially with our girls and we’ve been wanting to go somewhere like Bali or Thailand! We’ll definitely use this service when we decide when and where! Thanks for the great info.

    • You’re welcome, Lacy. There are some beautiful Villa’s available and they are perfect for families!

  • Oh my gosh, I wouldn’t even know where to begin if I tried booking a getaway overseas for my family. It’s great to know that there are sites that use travel consultants to help.

    • Oh I was the same Marissa, had no idea where to start. I’m so glad there are businesses like this one to take the hassle out of everything!

  • I love the idea of using a travel consultant! We actually just went through trying to book a vacation on our own and in the process of purchasing our flights we received a phone call immediately after paying saying that the flight was gone. The company wanted more money to book us another flight! We cancelled, luckily our card got the funds back for us, and went to a travel agent. What a huge relief! I won’t do it alone again!

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