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Mum Bloggers and Business Owners are in a league of our own. Many of us juggle kids, life, blogs/businesses and some also hold down a 9-5 job. It’s time to celebrate some of these beautiful women.

Today, I sit down with and learn more about Anne from the blog One Determined Life.

Anne is a married mother of 3 who graduated from Teachers College in 2007. While pregnant with her eldest daughter Anne decided to become a stay at home Mum and hasn’t looked back.

Anne says that, as a Christian parent, there is so much going on in life. It’s a bit chaotic and at times she struggles to balance all responsibilities and have peace that she is doing a good job.

And that’s why Anne started her blog. She loves to help women discover who they are in Christ and how to be a mother, a wife in the light of the gospel. Her blog helps women through blog posts and resources that will help them meet their needs. Anne’s latest free resource is 30 days of praying for your marriage.

Recently, I sat down with Anne to find out how she does it!

Why did you start blogging?

To help women apply to the truth of the bible to their marriages and parenting by creating resources and blog posts to help and encourage them.

What is the hardest thing about balancing your blog with your life?

In the blogging world. there are so many things to think about. So, for me, the hardest thing is finding the time to get everything done. It has also been hard for me to learn what I should prioritize- weather that is time on Pinterest vs creating video content vs doing the laundry. But the hardest thing I have had to learn is how to let go of the things that I have not had time to do and to have peace with the work I have been able to do.

I have almost quit so many times, but I choose to keep going. I even wrote a post about it here.

What makes blogging worthwhile?

My blog is still small so I don’t have a large network and so some days I feel discouraged and ask myself: who am I helping? Is anyone actually reading this?

So, for me, the more worthwhile thing is when I get an email or a comment that thanks me for what I have written and knowing that I am actually helping and encouraging people.

Ok, so what does a typical week look like to you?

I am a one-person show, so I write, market, plan and create all of my content. I am also a mother of 3 and have a husband with many responsibilities. So, for me, every day is a bit different.

I have learned that I am most productive when I batch tasks and when I have specific days of the week where I get things done.

Below is the schedule I have made for myself but it is flexible and can change.

-Schedule Tailwind for the week
– Schedule Facebook and Instagram posts for the week
– Create content (this can be written posts, images, or video)
(Mondays are usually my most productive days)

– Share post on facebook groups
– Take my son to Moms and Tots
– Find collaboration opportunities/ work on content for those connections

This is one of my flex days. I am either having friends over, going to playdates or if I stay home I work on my blog
– Share posts on facebook groups
– Create content ( this can be written posts, images, or video)
– Discover bloggers on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram to follow and read/ comment on content

– I go to a weekly ladies bible study group in the morning
– Thursday is also early out day for my kids so I only have 2 hours of time to get things done. I usually use this time to learn more about marketing and the blogging world.

– I Write and schedule my newsletter
– In the afternoons, I take a break from blogging and work on other things such as writing lessons plans for Sunday school or planning for day camp that I am directing this summer at my church.

Every day I start by checking emails and respond as needed. I also stop working at 3 and pick up my kids from school.

When they get back, we spend time together, do housework and make dinner.
I then spend most evenings spending time with my husband or just relaxing.

There are many things that I still have not perfected that I am learning about. I am still trying to balance how much work I do and when to do it.
Some weeks, I take a break from everything just to help my brain reset.

This day to day helps me to be focused on my tasks but also gives me the time I want to spend time with family, friends and other interests.

Life is definitely busy for Anne but it looks like she’s got it all under control with great systems in place. Thank you for contributing to this series, Anne.

Visit Anne’s blog and follow One Determined life on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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