5 things I avoid now I have 4 children

I have 4 children aged 10, 6, 2 and 4 months (affectionately known as B1, B2, B3 and B4), not only 4 children but 4 BOYS aged 10, 6, 2 and 4 months. And I’m a single Mum.

Having 4 children is chaotic at the best of times, we are a circus and we attract a lot of attention and comments.

YES people, they are all mine and NO people, I’m not going to try for a girl!!!

Here are 5 things that, with 4 children, are virtually impossible (actually many of them are impossible with more than 1 child!):

Going out for dinner
Not only is the cost enough to put me off there’s also the fact that the B3 is now too big for a high chair but doesn’t sit still long enough on a normal chair. So a nice relaxing night off from cooking now involves me running around a restaurant, possibly with a boob hanging out because I’m more than likely feeding B4 at the same time, chasing an overtired 2 year old.

Yes, there are restaurants with play areas but B3, is not old enough to play by himself and will most likely get stuck in the highest point of the playground and I end up climbing to that highest point to retrieve him, again most likely with a boob hanging out because I’m feeding the baby. B1 and B2 will happily stand by watching.

Public transport
B3 is a train freak, he loves them. When I was pregnant with B4, I took B3 on train ride, just on the local public transport and he loved it. Now, to take 4 children on public transport is near impossible. A double pram doesn’t fit properly on a train without blocking a doorway and then with 3 of us needing seats and 2 in a massive pram we take up the entire elderly/disabled section. Too hard, lets just get in the car and drive.

Grocery Shopping
Going to the shops with one child is bad enough. Shopping with 4 is really just silly! I don’t think I really need to go into detail. I tried it once during school holidays. NEVER AGAIN. Online shopping it is for me or wait and do 1 huge shop when I only have the baby home.

Oh and supermarkets PLEASE get rid of those tiny little kid supermarket trolleys, 3 kids with those trolleys – aaargggh. That’s assuming you have 3 spare, most of the time there’s 2!

Using a public toilet
Again there’s the amount of room we take up. Double pram doesn’t fit in too many places. So off to the Parents room we go. B1 insists he’s too old for a parent room but in today’s world there’s no way I’d let him into a public toilet on his own. So I make him use the parents room. Some of these are great, some are not. There was one that had the green “exit” button you press to open the door, at child height and right next to the child play equipment. I didn’t notice until I sat down. Needless to say it was a very quick and panicked pee!!!!!

Birthday parties
Parents, if you invite one of my children to a birthday party, chances are all 4 will attend. Unless you don’t mind me doing a “drop and run”. I will always ask. PLEASE say yes because most of the time this is the only opportunity to offload one of the offspring and remember what it was like to only have 3 little darlings to keep under control. Please make sure your lolly bag contains enough lollies to be divided up evenly!


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